Paddle Bounce Ballz: Android Game Review

by Dec 29, 20170 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : vevo games
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, Fun, Graphics
Negatives :


Gaming on smart Phones has quickly become a great way to pass time for most people. This has been by the rising number of gaming applications available across am smartphone platforms. The android platform has however done exceedingly well in respect to mobile gaming. With each day, new games are releases giving its users new tasks and challenges to work on. One such recently launched game is the Paddle Bounce ballz game available on android’s Google play store.


The Paddle Bounce ballz is a classic game putting to use the traditional bouncing pads and balls in earlier Symbian based games. This arcade puzzle game allows the player to target balls being shot from one end and bounce them back into a pocket. The pocket when propels the balls back into a repository where they are shot back again and bounced back. This is a fun and brilliant way to make sure the game keeps going for long periods. The user can also gain more points by changing the balls colors. Switching colors is simply done by picking up bounties and following a sequence of commands such as swiping the screen to earn more points. As the game progress, the user stands a chance to gain even more upgrades and bounties. These upgrades and bounties can then help improve the gaming experience by allowing the player to survive even longer. The success of the game is however the player’s ability and speed in bouncing the ball back into the pocket.


The game is a very interesting development for leisure gamers on the android platform. Its easy controls make the game easy for people from all age groups to enjoy. Bounties also allow the user to maintain a sense of fun as well as a target achievement while playing the game. The games beautiful design is commendable and attractive to its users. For a further appeal into this aspect, the game has been designed with the ability to host various skins and therefore largely customizable to the players look and feel. The skins can be unlocked by completing a number of tasks and picking gems. The gems can be traded for various paddle and ball skins for use in the game. Furthermore, in an effort to improve socialization and competition, the application allows the user to take screenshots which they can share with friends. The above aspects make the app ideal for persons across all age groups


The major challenge however is the lack of positive progress in the game. The game does not give the player an avenue to explore more challenging and dynamic aspects of the game. The repeat of the same process over and over again may be monotonous and boring in the long run.


The application undeniably hosts great advantages. These advantages make it ideal for leisure activities and subsequent enjoyment of the game. The game also gives the player an avenue for participation in a social life. It is therefore ideal for use and recommendation to friends.

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