Paintrala : Paint Digitally and Post Your Talent

by Nov 28, 20120 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : AltamiraSoft
Rating : 4
Positives :
Negatives :


Paintrala is an SNS app that is replete with of impressive and very creative paintings, where the user can make and share paintings among other friends with a Paintrala account in any corner of the world. It is an Android App solely developed by Altamira Soft for Samsung phones. It does not require a person to be an artist to use this tool. It is made for amateurs as well for experienced artists. The app aims to create a social network for those who love drawing and working on art professionally or casually.


Paintrala is an innovative social network app which brings forth a new type of inclined social networking for Android OS users. It allows the users to create their awesome paintings and to participate in the social network too. This app creates feeds of photographers for its users; Pantriala members can follow one another and collect them as they join the club. Users also get the right opportunity to express their creativity by creating original paintings from their and near and dear ones photos. It is accompanied with the most useful component called ‘Filters’ which is flexible and a powerful painting app. It allows the ability to add favorite colors and lines using layers and digitally “paint”, bringing this application as the first of its kind in the social networking world. Its creative features do not overshadow. The app is free on Google play and has the simplest sign-up procedure. Paintrala has the most easy navigation interface and an expertly designed profile system which contributes the artists to develop into an active part of the community. Paintrala’s blog posts in the newsfeed of Facebook announce the upcoming contests and competitions meant to create a spark in the community and judging their response.


Paintrala is the most powerful digital painting app. The drawing tool is compatible with Samsung Android Phones. It takes an existing pic and adds filters. Exchanging paintings with co-artists and friends makes this app the most interesting one and lets them have contests and decide the best painter of the group. The app has a feature that allows the user to take pictures and videos with the camera, thus allowing the user to instantly use any picture he is seeing, with the software. It also has the access to write to the USB storage and to write to the SD card. The app requires version 2.2 and up. It enables the users to paint easily and upload a painting. Whether a user painting is good or not, Paintrala will provide the artist with pleasure alongside surprising paintings that one has never witnessed before. The tool helps even kids to paint really easily. The user gets to gather and enjoy the paintings of friends he or she is following. This app also has access to create network sockets. Paintrala app prevents the tablet from going to sleep, adding to the overall benefit. It also helps in retrieving the running apps.

Good: It is the easiest and most user friendly painting tool developed for the Android.

Bad: There is nothing so far!

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