PandaDoc: Cut down on paper work and boost the productivity

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Genre : Business
Platform : Web
Developer : Quote Roller INC
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If you think your sales team is losing on the best performance, it might be the tools they use pulling them back. It is time to renovate your document automation tools to gain a quicker and simpler way to close deals; and PandaDoc is here to give you the best assistance in that regard. PandaDoc is an all in one solution that can effectively replace all and any software you might be using for creating, delivering and managing quotes, contracts, proposals as well as other sales collaterals. This application has been designed with the motto to simplify the steps involved in closing a sales deal; and thus it helps extensively to increase the efficiency of sales groups.

Why PandaDoc?

PandaDoc ensures that your sales team has a unified platform to complete all their document related tasks effortlessly; which at one hand frees your workforce from the extra burden of spending hours on making quotes and proposals, and at the other hand ensures that all the documents are of the best quality and 100% error free. With the help of digital signature it quickens up the total process. It also ensures that a proper and unified format is followed across your organization, giving you a platform for monitoring all the sales activities easily.


PandaDoc comes with Drag and drop document builder which facilitates creation of fast and error free documents. The application makes document assembly simple with the help of preset templates and content blocks. The user only needs to make the selections and the application will construct perfect document in minutes. The CPQ model of the app is another strong point which is sure to give a boost to the sales of companies of any size. The Configure, Price, Quote in short CPQ model makes quoting extremely easier offering a central catalog for all the products and services. The Auto-calculator function calculates taxes, margins, totals and discounts within the blink of eyes.

The document analytics feature of the app shows you how long your clients spent on each of the sections of the proposal and collateral. The real-time commenting feature enables you to answer client queries instantly. The workflow automation tools enable your sales team to collaborate more effectively. The application deals with everything starting from Quote-to-Cash and is also effective in tracking presentations. With the help of the electronic signature module associated with the application you can actually speed up the whole process of closing deals. The application is available under three different plans in order to suit the specific requirements of businesses of different sizes. The professional plan costs only $19 per month and can be suitable for small business needs. There are also Business and Enterprise plans to suit the needs of growing and established businesses.


The application ensures closing of deals faster with electronic signatures. Creating quotes, contracts and proposals can be completed within minutes, and it can also help one to track and view the sales collaterals. PandaDoc can be the most effective way to drastically increase the productivity of any sales team by cutting down on paperwork.


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