PBA® Bowling Challenge : Real Bowling Experience On Android

by Jan 17, 20130 comments

Genre : Sports
Platform : Android
Rating : 4.5
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Do you love the game of bowling and wish you could roll your ball every day on unique venues? Though it may not be possible in reality, the new bowling app will surely fulfill your desire. PBA® Bowling Challenge by Concrete Software, Inc is developed for bowling enthusiast who can experience the bowling environment and atmosphere on their android device. The smartly designed 3D interface will make you feel that you are present in the game scenario and you will actually hear your heart beat before spinning every ball. The graphics and the sound is kept similar to the reality which gives a real feel to the whole thing.

PBA® Bowling Challenge lets you compare yourself to 21 big bowling champions of the world. Real world statistics is considered while designing their bowling record which you require to break through your career path. From the local level to the champions, the challenges are many and you can play the game in 70+ unique locations. The graphics changes accordingly and you never get bored while playing the game. With numerous trophies to win and numerous records to build, this game is going to fascinate you, completely.


  • The app is going to provide a complete live bowling experience on your android device.
  • The game has two modes of play, career and quick play.
  • The unique feature of 21 game players to beat in the career mode, the game becomes even more challenging.
  • The game controls are on your finger tips. Slide the ball left or right to determine the direction and flick the ball forward to move it forward, by flicking continuously, you can increase the impact.
  • Red dollars are present to purchase balls of different speed, size and weight. There are in app purchase for gold pins and pins can be exchanged for red dollars.
  • Check your score after every ball is rolled. This is just like the real bowling game.
  • You can see the pins falling and the impact is just right. The graphics is designed in such a way that it looks natural.
  • You can replay any game that you feel your score could have been higher.
  • More than 30 bowling balls with separate statistics are provided for you, to choose.
  • Every tournament provides bonus challenges where you can score more points.
  • The split ball, bomb ball and Lightning ball ads special power to your bowling and help you cross hurdles without much problem. These balls are easy to use; you can just tap with your finger to split a ball.
  • The app is available for free and it takes around 35m space on your device.
  • The version 1. 0.1 of the app requires android 2.3 or later version.

Summary: The PBA® Bowling Challenge is a complete bowling app for android devices, with different levels and 21 big players to bear in the virtual career mode. It has all the features of real world bowling and can capture your mind, quite easily.

Good: The game has great graphics and 3D feel to it.

Bad: Apparently there are no such drawbacks but multiplayer mode could be of more fun.

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