pcTattletale Parenting

by Nov 19, 20190 comments

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Platform : Android | iPhone
Developer : pcTattletale
Rating : 4.2
Positives : Parenting App
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The digital age can be particularly challenging for parents whose kids have smartphones loaded with messaging apps. Those kids may really believe that their texts, tweets or viral videos can’t wait until the following morning. The best parental-control apps for smartphones can help you track your kids, see with whom the kids are communicating, block kids from viewing objectionable or dangerous websites, and even help kids understand the value of limits while preventing them from accessing adult content or communicating with strangers.

No single parental-control service we tested is perfect, but pcTattletale Parenting delivered the best features on Android. The pcTattletale activity recorder is designed to monitor Smartphones, Tablets & Computers. Moreover it works on all devices. pcTattletale makes it very simple for parents to supervise everything their kids are doing online. It is also noted that parents can access and review recordings, remotely, from any Computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

Key highlights of pcTattletale Parenting

Video Playback

  • pcTattletale creates a video, which allows you to view an entire day of activity in minutes.
  • It graphs activity levels so you can see the most active times—at a glance.
  • LIVE mode even permits you to see what they are doing right now.


pcTattletale automatically records:

  • All E-mail—in and outbound mail
  • All Chat sessions
  • All Instant Messages
  • Every Web site visited
  • Social networks and videos too, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pintrest, Snapchat and more.

Find out now if your child is

  • Being Cyberbullied?
  • Playing Too Many Video Games?
  • Watching Bad Videos?
  • Secret Pictures?
  • Who’s Chatting?
  • Who are they emailing?
  • Secret Social Profiles?


  • pcTattletale is discreet.
  • It doesn’t show up in the Start menu or Control Panel.
  • They will never even know it’s there.


  • It is easy to install and get working.
  • Even for people with little computer experience.
  • Now you can finally know everything they are doing online.

Multiple Devices

  • Many times, a child may have a Smartphone, a Tablet and even a laptop Computer.
  • More than one child—even more devices.
  • pcTattletale makes it simple to monitor all of their devices, all of the time.
  • See their Windows computer activity from any device.

You will need to put the pcTattletale software on the computer you like to monitor. Interestingly the teachers and employers have found pcTattletale to be an indispensable tool to supervise classrooms and employee activity levels.

Talking Internet Safety

Primarily monitoring your child’s online activity is a great way to become aware of exposure to online risks. If you see something that concerns you, it is golden opportunity to open a dialog with your child about the importance of protecting themselves online, allowing them know why you don’t want them visiting certain sites and explaining what kind of behaviour is appropriate on social networks. Since you can’t always look over their shoulder, pcTattletale helps you keep an eye on your child, students or employees.


Apart from many key aspects, I feel the app benefitting users and streamlined as good with quality performance. If you are searching for unique parental app with several features, then I suggest giving pcTattletale Parenting a look.