PDF Reader Pro – The Perfect Business App

by Sep 9, 20120 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : YUYAO Software
Rating : 4.8
Positives :
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PDF Reader Pro has been developed and launched by YUYAO Mobile Software Inc., for the iPhone and iPad users. PDF Reader Pro can be named as an all-inclusive app using which users can view PDF files, save documents in PDF format, scan and store documents in PDF format, comment and highlight within the PDF files and perform various other tasks. The varied features make this app a perfect combo to perform all the business and day-to-day operations in a matter of few minutes.

In most of the PDF converters, the one main difficulty that users commonly face is that the files which are converted into the PDF format or which they try to open using PDF cannot be viewed properly. Often, there will be problems like some junk in the PDF, inability to read the text clearly and so on. The users of PDF Reader Pro will be able presented with brilliantly viewable texts that can be read on any device.


  • The app allows the reader to view any large files on their phones without much delay. The speed with which the file gets loaded is really amazing; you will face no delays or interruptions while using this app.
  • The app even allows the users to import pictures, adjust and then convert it into a file.
  • Files can be brought into the app from most of the cloud services such as Drop Box, the custom rolled WebDAV and also many other FTP servers. The users can also upload their files into all these services using PDF Reader Pro.
  • The ‘Open In’ feature in this app allows the users to open files from their emails and also from any other apps in their devices.
  • The Search option in the app allows the users to search from their sea of files.
  • The Private Folder option with password protection allows users to store their files in a safe manner. The app also allows the user to completely hide this folder.
  • Another cool feature of the app is that the users can add comments to the PDF with sticky notes.
  • There are various viewing options which includes easy zoom in and zoom out, jumping to certain portions of the document, reflow of the text and searching for the text.
  • The Air Print Option allows user to print their PDF files very easily from their phones.
  • The PDF files can also be shared through Wi Fi and you can also gather the information in a USB and edit your documents using the Google Docs edit support.
  • The app supports various file formats such as MS office documents, iWork files, audio files, video files, HTML files, Safari web archives and many other file formats.


PDF Reader Pro is a great app for viewing your PDF files and it also acts as a great document storage app.  It is an all in all app, which allows the user to create, read, annotate, and handle all their PDF files. This smart app is available for download from the app store for just $ 5.99.

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