Photo Covers for Facebook : Stand Out from the Crowd

by Mar 23, 20130 comments

Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Sprite Labs
Rating : 4.5
Positives :
Negatives :


Photo Covers for Facebook 1.0 is an application available in the App Store. It is developed by Sprite Labs and is available for free download. It can be accessed from the Social Networking category and is compatible with iPod, iPad and the iPhone. The application allows the user to produce amazing cover photos for your profile and Timeline, so that it can be easily used with their account. If you are one of those who want to create a custom photo cover in an easy manner, this is just the app for you. You can use either your own photographs or online images. You need to choose a template or frame and then add the photos from your camera, Facebook, the Web. Insert the photo in a background of your choice and then start editing it by using the more than 30 special effects available. You can then rotate, flip or scale the images and then add the text captions to it. Apart from the templates, you can use the ‘Create your own’ option and set up your own background and edit it. Sign into Facebook through the app and upload it or save it to your camera.


ü  The app has a range of beautiful templates and designs.

ü  Importing and editing tools are flexible.

ü  Profile as well as cover photos can be created to be graphically synchronized with each other.

ü  The app has an extensive library of frames to choose from.

ü  Users can also create their own personal touch by editing, pairing and blending synchronizing the timeline cover with the profile photos imaginatively.

ü  Users can customize their photos with the editing features.

ü  You can rotate the image, flip it or even scale it just with an easy click.

ü  Customized photo captions can also be added along with other visual effects.

ü  Once they have finished, it is easy to upload it with the help of the uploading module of the app, in just two steps.

ü  Users can also save the profile and cover photographs to other devices, so that they can review it later.

ü  Different backgrounds, such as Wood, Simple, Love and so are available.

The Good

It is extremely suitable for those having a creative flair, as they can add their own personal touches to their profile. It is also very flexible and users can use the photos that are present in their Facebook albums as well as from Flickr accounts or from anywhere else in the web or from the device’s gallery. In addition, once you download the app, there is a video introduction offered showing you all that you can do.

The Bad

You need to exercise some caution while editing. If you overdo it, you might get an unnatural or odd effect.


Photo Covers for Facebook allows the user to create as well as edit photos. It is a very flexible application that allows users to enhance their profile and cover photos, with the help of pre designed templates and frames. Users can also be more creative and use the editing suite for pairing or blending their photos together. It is not just a photo editor, but a lot more.

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