Photo-Radar : The Photo Information App

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Genre : Utilities
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Dmitry Sokolov
Rating : 4.5
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Photos are the best way to capture the feelings of any person; they are the evergreen treasures of one’s life. Pictures help us to learn history. They give us the exact portrayal of events which in the future, helps the viewer to experience the emotions that were captured at that time in the photograph. There are times when everyone will have difficulty in identifying the location their pictures were taken and the date and location of the photograph. When a person wants to preserve his or her photos for future reference, it is essential that they know certain important details such as the date and location where the picture was taken. These are the details that help you to relate yourself effectively with those treasured memories. Photo – Radar is an iPhone app that has been developed and launched by Dmitry Sokolov Company. This app helps you to find the exact locations and dates in which you have taken your photographs. The app is compatible with iOS 3.2 and later versions. It is also available in more than 7 languages which include English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and Hungarian.


Photo – Radar app helps the users to identify the dates and locations of their pictures without any difficulty. In order to find the dates and places of the pictures, the users have to first add the photos from their iPhone photo albums. You can then pick the photographs for which you would like to find out more information. After selecting the picture, click done. The app will not add photos whose GPS location cannot be located; the app will simply avoid adding those particular photos. The photos selected by the users will line up on top of their map locator; they can select the picture to get the information about the date and the exact GPS coordinates of the picture. The GPS coordinates can be copied onto the clip board or they can locate the place directly in the Google maps and get its directions.

  • Provides the exact and also the approximate number of days before which a picture was taken.
  • The app shows the exact GPS co-ordinates of any picture.
  • The users can add unlimited number of pictures and gather information of the date and GPS coordinates of all the pictures simultaneously by just a few clicks.
  • The GPS coordinates can be copied on the clipboard and the place can also be located directly with the help Google directly.
  • The app is very easy to navigate and easy to understand.


Photo – Radar is a very useful app for all people, because it helps the users to catalog their photos in a proper order for future reference. Photo – Radar app is available for just $ 0.99 and it’s available for download from the App Store. Download the app and locate the places with no effort.

Good – The app can be easily navigated.

Bad – The display of the app can be improved, it is very unattractive.

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