Photocon : Cool Photo Edit Android App

by Sep 25, 20150 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : sergei Solovyev
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use
Negatives : None

Once upon a sad time, you had to use a real hard software or photoshop to edit your images. But now, time has changed alot! You dont need a hard work software in your computer to build up the editing vows of your Picture. Android apps have handled that situation for you. One of these apps is a very cool photo edit software called Photocon!


Photocon is a fun app for merging two pictured with one another in just a second. It looks different from the others because you need special software for what we have equally one in Photocon! And what makes it special? It is 100% user-friendly and unique! It was developed by the Software Developer Sergei Solovyev. It lets us connect or merge two different or same photographs or images from 1 digital camera or computer.


The fun with camera has never been this amusing! 2 Pictures, 2 Clicks and A fast way to divert the images over the Gallery online or Social medias (AKA) facebook. It makes a boring picture a funny and new one! The magic of image editting has never been this fun and playful. PhotoCon makes you edit , even if you have a picture of a boring slumber party last night. It’s mainly because the software developer made it interesting and addictive, so that the user would have an interest in editting. And have you ever wonder Mostly, image editting softwares are hard work PLUS, boring! And who has the time for that? But Photocon is easy to use and entertain! The app has a flash mode on the right and a settings button on the left. Followed by Save To Gallery On The Right And Share With Your Friends On The Left Respectively. Take Left/Right picture and timer in the same manner!

We literally cant count the number of apps that failed to make an app like this! It has a friendly user swipe button on the edges which helps you edit you photos rapidly and easily. Photocon also allows you to adjust other settings for your photo and even includes basic camera functions like a flash option and a timer. Different modes like NIGHT MODES, SHADE MODES, FLOURECENT MODES and much more! It enables you to take a picture directly from the app. And with the timer , you have just the perfect time to adjust your background, picture looks and stuff. Tap here , Tap there! and Voila! There you have it the absolute edit. The photo seems to be in motion. Every good picture deserves a good look . Just like a magical mirror.

The best thing about Photocon for Android is that it let you easily adjust the photos so that you don’t have to worry about retaking the photo again. It also has simple and basic camera properties like flash and click. But what I like the most about it? Is that it is absolutely positively Of No Cost! FREE! FREE! FREE! I highly recommend you to use this awesomely cool android app and get a unique style to your loved pictures!it is because of these change that we say there is adverse change in technology.

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