PhotoGame : Creativity and Fun on the Edge

by Nov 20, 20120 comments

Genre : Photography
Platform : Android
Developer : Viral
Rating : 4.5
Positives :
Negatives :


For all the photographers out there, the online application stores have a lot to offer for you. There are many apps like Bonfyre, Photo Radar and many other caricature apps that allow from clicking your photos, saving them with beautiful frames to sharing it with your friends. Then of course there are social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Picasa Web albums for you to upload your photos and share with the world. These apps not only provide a major platform for photographers to showcase their talent but also bring out the creativity of an artist. What we have here is another photography app, but it surely has something different on the scale and that’s why we’re reviewing it!

What we have here is the new android app, PhotoGame that has been developed by Viral. We don’t know what it has to do with the developer’s name, but the game really has a viral concept. It’s interesting, fun and really creative. The app is more likely an online gaming with you competing against your friends. You must be thinking of what game can we play with a packet of images! Let’s unbox it.

The game works on a very simple yet addictive concept. Just pick up any theme you want to work on from a pet to beauty or anything. But remember to decide on a theme common to all, you and your four friends. Then each one of you clicks a unique and totally out-of-the-box photo like walking on a stranger’s path and uploads it with the theme as the caption. When all of you are done with their clicks, you have 24 hours to rate all the photos i.e. place the image you liked most on no. 1 spot and descending according to preference. The image which gets the highest rank overall wins and so is its photographer. What else! You also earn coins according to your ranking and place yourself on the top among the community.

The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. You have two sections. In the My Games section, you can view all the images uploaded by you and the results of all your games. This way you can find out how tall you stand against other artists globally. You can also check out the noteworthy work of other photographers in the all games section. You can rate their images and broaden up your own creativity.

As a bonus, you get a very creative library of images which contains the local talent from the streets and every corner globally. The app is available for free in the App Store. Everything is there but we would have liked if there was some tourney going on like a competition held online in which as many users could participate. It would have been more competitive and obviously more entertaining. This would have helped in building the community at a faster rate. But still we strongly recommend the app to everyone, even to the models in front of the camera most of the time.

Pros: nice concept, addictive gameplay, global, creative, free.

Cons: absence of any global competition/tourney.

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