PhotoLab : Way to Get Best Snaps

by Feb 15, 20160 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Apps Genie Limited
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, more options, UI
Negatives : none

PhotoLab is one of the best reliable easy to use iPhone app have ever used .It offers a wide range of features which can enable one to edit photos easily with your hand. The app can be used by those who are professionals in photography field as one can be able to produce quality photos and edit them. The app looks smart and simple to use while offering a wide range of features


PhotoLab app has the following features;-

One can change the skin of the app when you open. The app has custom skins will can enable users to chose their favorite skin of their choice. This makes the app look desirable and beautiful.

One can Write text on the photos he has taken with favorites fonts, resize them and finally drag them to the desired position.

It has filter option;- this is where photos can be filtered easily in the filter and one can chose diverse effects available

One can place stickers, rotate it , move to the required position and finally scale it to favorable size.

Choose and apply your custom background behind your photos and even choose from your library

After editing the image as desired one can share your photos in various social networks.


The app also has an option whereby one can adjust contrast, increase or reduce brightness, change exposure and finally modify saturation easily.

After adding textures, stickers, text or even adjusting the image one can save the photos in iPhone library and be able to use and share them.

Premium version is also available. This offers more stickers, textures, borders and fonts to the editor.

When one uses the premium version of the app removes ads and therefore one can use it without disturbance.


  • one can edit pictures with textures, add frames, text and stickers
  • It is easy to use the app
  • One can save or share images with friends in various social networks.
  • The app is flexible and adaptable as one can use different features available easily.
  • The premium versions is ads free there makes it convenient
  • It has inspirational button which enables one to explore different features available in the app
  • The apps as beautiful custom backgrounds which make the app look good.
  • One can write text above the image with different fonts, scale and move to desirable position.



  • Ads keep on disturbing when cellular data is on making it difficult to use the app
  • One cannot collage two or more photos together and save them or even share
  • The app does not offer diverse background images and colors
  • The app does not allow one to take photo directly it there making it not convenient enough


PhotoLab is one of the best easy to use app; it makes one to edit their favorite photos, add textures, borders, stickers, text and backgrounds easily and share them in social networks around the world. With unique custom background, the app look smart and reliable as far as photo editing is concerned. Those who like taking photos and sharing with friends in various platforms will find this app awesome.

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