Pictoword- What’s the right word?

by Oct 15, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : Android
Developer : Kooapps LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : fun, Only two images for each word, UI
Negatives : none

Finding the right connections between things is one of the keys to success in life. Android app developers Kooapps LLC have developed an app Pictoword to help you out with this. It is a word puzzle game where you are shown two images and you have to find the connecting word between the two. It is one of those addicting puzzles that you will not be able to put down for hours on end.


The game idea is basic. There are two images, each making up a part of the word to be guessed. There are scrambled letters at the bottom of the screen as well, with a few extras added in. The number of letters is indicated with blank squares as well. Your task is to guess the right word.

While there are many similar word guessing apps in the market, this one is unique in its own way. To begin with, each word has only two images. This, on one hand, avoids confusion while also makes the word harder to guess. It’s both good and bad. The game itself is pretty simple. The speciality lies in the combinations of images used by them.


As you continue playing, the difficulty level keeps increasing all the more. Thankfully, the developers do provide help in case you get stuck at a particular word. This help is available in the form of in app purchases of coins. You can use these coins to reveal letters or reveal the word for either or both of the two images. The coins also allow you to skip a certain puzzle. You do not have to break your head over a single word any more.

The good part of the game is the simple interface and the easy graphics. Players do not spend time getting used to the game or the like. Also, it takes almost no time to get addicted to this one. Also, each puzzle solved right is awarded with coins. This makes the in app purchases unnecessary except in extreme cases. Users can also share the puzzles on Facebook in case they really need help from friends.


This is one of those games that you can spend hours on end playing. The graphics and the game design are soothing and easy to use. The simplicity factor makes the game more interesting. There are no add on features to clutter the game or distract you while playing. The puzzles are also interesting and challenging. The simplicity, while on one hand is an advantage, is also a disadvantage. While the game may get you hooked from the very first puzzle, you tend to grow over it owing to the monotony of the game.

All said and done, this app is for those who do not have high expectations and are looking for a witty and engaging way to spend their leisure time. It is compatible with all Android devices requiring Android 2.3.3 or higher and 48 MB memory space. If you are looking for a simple and addictive word puzzle game, this game is among the best you will find.

Good: Only two images for each word

Bad: Gets boring after a point

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