PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock Review

by Jun 26, 20170 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : PIN Genie Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, simple to use, security
Negatives :

PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock is one of the best screen locker for android devices. The apps comes with lots of customization futures that helps you to protect your privacy and secure your mobile phone applications. If you are tired of people reading your messages and accessing privacy apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram, lock them out today by installing PIN Genie Applock. Once installed the application allows you to choose all the apps that you want to password protect. All protected apps will require a password or pattern authentication in order to open and this allows the user to have full control over privacy and confidential information.


Features that comes with the PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock

1) Protects Apps
With Genie Applock you can protect your most important application with a password, pattern or fingerprint (for enabled devices). You can choose to keep some apps private and allow others to be accessed by people who use your phone. This app can protect apps such as Gmail, Whatsapp, Camera, Facebook, and other apps that you choose.

2) Secure the phone
This amazing apps allows one to protect the entire phone with a screen lock. To unlock the phone, the user must put a password or draw a pattern. This feature allows one to take full control of the entire phone privacy.

3. Intruder identification
In case someone try to access password protected apps and fails to login, the application takes a snapshot of the intruder using the front camera. The picture is saved on the phone and the user is notified the next time he or she login.

4) It’s Free to Use and Download
Unlike other screen-lock Apps that requires one to purchase before trying, the Genie Applock is free to download from Google Play store and it’s compatible with all Android devices.

5) Easy to use
Once installed the app is very easy to configure. The user is allowed to choose all the apps he/she wants to lock and leave the rest unprotected.

Why use PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock
This application offers very crucial security measures that can help you protect all your privacy from hackers and intruders. If you use your phone for banking, you can use PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock app to lock and protect your Bank app. Protecting your bank with a password will prevent hackers from knowing your bank account and accessing your transaction history.

With this app, you can protect all your important emails and messages from been read by other people. This is very important for those who share phones at work place or those who frequently allow their friends to make calls or text with their phones.

Pros of PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock
-The app is easy to download and use.
-It allows the use to select all the apps he/she wants to protect.
-It’s intruder identity feature is amazing. One can know when his or her phone has been touched by someone else.
-The App allows one to use multiple unlock options.

Cons of PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock
-Not regularly updated.
– Requires one to follow a tedious process to recover forgotten password.

Conclusion and Verdict
The PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock app is a great app that can be used to protect other android apps from hackers and intruders. With an average rating of 4.5 stars and over 16,300 + reviews on play store, this app definitely has the best screen lock features for an android phone. If you are looking for an app that can help you secure all your privacy on your phone, download Pin Genie today and live a stress free life where you won’t be worried whether someone else reads your emails or messages. The App is free to download from Google play Store.

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