PIN Genie Vault : iPhone App Review

by Jul 30, 20160 comments

Genre : Utilities
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : secured, UI, easy to use
Negatives : none

Do you struggle to maintain privacy on your iPhone, iPad or Apple watch? Then worry no more. PIN Genie Vault is a new application that ensures that there are absolute confidentiality and protection in your device. It has several inbuilt features that ensure that your information is not tampered with without your permission. It also allows personalized control of your information in the sense that you can send the information using encryption to ensure that only the intended recipient can view that information.

The first fantastic feature enables the user to take photos and pictures with absolute anonymity by blurring your face instantly. This feature takes the privacy to the next level as the face is hidden to an extent that it cannot be noticed but the picture remains intact. With this, sending information to the wrong person is hard due to the 256-bit data encryption for data security. Whether it is the pixelated photo, full unedited photo or a vital piece of information you want to send to a certain individual, end to end encryption allows safe delivery. Even the most experienced hacker cannot access your information. One has to create an encryption pin and then send the data to the recipient, who has a secret pin too, and this ensures that only the recipient has the access to the information. The other advantage of the encryption feature is that it supports all the files with different formats. Whether pdfs, docs, photos, digital images or any form of information, it is compatible with the vault.

The other fantastic feature for the PIN Genie Vault is that it has automated backups. There is no fear of losing that valuable information as the constant backup is available. The data in the backup is secure with the advanced technology of SSL( secure socket layer) during and after the transfer whether from the cloud or another device. It ensures that the information cannot be retrieved by the third parties by any means.

PIN Genie Vault is designed with custom folders that allow the user to arrange and organize his private information logically. The data can be manipulated by the user in any design he pleases. By this, it enables the creation of any customized appearance of the user interface that suits him best.

Another fantastic feature is that it is easy to synchronize the IPad Iphone or the Apple watch data with the desktop data. The synchronization feature allows you to perform this function while still securing your information from unauthorized access. It is easy to transfer the information from the computer to the device quickly by just enabling synchronization.With the other feature of auto-population of fields, the convenience of the user is enhanced.

PIN Genie Vault supports uploads of all the key documents in one place, arrange them accordingly and secure them. Whether it is the passports, identification documents, credit cards or any other document of importance, it is safe and can easily be uploaded in the vault for security purposes. Also for privacy and safety, PIN Genie Vault has a feature designed for storage of pin numbers, passwords or any other private information held with absolute privacy.
The advantage of this application is that it is available for free in the App store. Other versions are also available for installation, especially in the personal computers and laptops. With the synchronization feature, transfer between different devices is easy. All these features make it number one mobile application to store, safeguard and share your private information.

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