Pingz: Pinging friends in a new way

by Mar 9, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : New ZAP video messaging feature
Negatives : none

At times, it can be really frustrating to message friends via text and images. Images can restrict your thought process while texts can restrict the number of characters. Plus, the added agony of having to deal with autocorrect can really get to you at times. A lot of time is spent in typing out long messages at times. A new iOS app, Pingz, developed by Jigsaw Informatics, Inc., is here to change all of this. Pingz helps you communicate with others as if you were present there at that moment.


The speciality of this app lies in being able to share image-based video messages. With its easy to use an intuitive interface, creating and working with such videos is easier done than said. The app is compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, requiring iOS 7.0 or higher versions. It occupies 18.9MB of memory space and has been optimized for the iPhone 5. Currently, it is available in English alone.


Pingz involves the first commercial application of the breakthrough Zoom and Point (ZAP) technology developed by Jigsaw Informatics, Inc. This technology enables users to interact with images and created video messages based on them. These messages are an excellent alternative to texts or emails with images attached. Creating these traditional messages is both time consuming and tedious. Also, there have been numerous instances of ambiguity and misunderstandings being caused by such messages.

This app uses ZAP video messages that put together voice, gestures and user images in order to facilitate effective communication. It provides better clarity and conveys emotions better than the current prevalent technology. With ping, you no longer have to work with different tabs or messages for voice, text and images. You can put all of these into one in order to describe a given object or convey a certain emotion. It has the potential to change the way we communicate with each other today using smartphones.

At present, while Pingz offers a lot of features, these may take a while to grasp and get adapted to. It can be something of a challenge at times to use the app for some users. Nonetheless, once learnt, the technology can make life so much easier and simpler than ever before. The basic idea is to allow users to interact with images to create personalised videos that could serve a variety of purposes. These could include providing directions, telling a story, making a presentation, and illustrating a detailed story and much more. These video messages can be directly shared through social media, video sharing, email, text or can be opened within the app.


At present, a free version of this app is available in the App Store. This supports 3 images from either your photo library or camera and videos of length up to 30 seconds. A Pingz watermark is also attached to each video. To avail of more features and get rid of the watermark, there are several in-app purchases. With the easy to use interface and the upcoming new technology, this app has immense potential and is worth a try for sure.

Good: New ZAP video messaging feature

Bad: The free version is extremely limited

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