Pirates Gulf -Experience a Thrilling Action-Packed Gaming Experience

by Jun 13, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Salem AlEnzi
Rating : 4
Positives : graphics, interactive, concept
Negatives : none

It is now the right time to launch attacks on enemies on the Gulf, Caribbean and the surrounding seas! What a fascinating game to play; the entire action-packed experience is totally amazing. This is what the newly released Pirates Gulf app game is all about. The player is introduced to a completely unique environment where one is required to prove different attacking skills that will keep enemies at bay. Interestingly, there is the utmost place to send enemies that disrupt the player’s sea expedition; the Davy’s Jones locker. After that level of achievement, the player is crowned the most exceptional pirate in the Pirates Gulf region, including the Caribbean and other related seas.


Understanding Pirates Gulf Game

This captivating app game is a product developed by Salem AlEnzi who released it recently on 6th June, 2016. This new version 1.0.90 is now available in English language which is well-conversant with many users. For the short time it has been in operation, it has exhibited exceptionally high performance that has made it to be positively rated by its users. Starting from the easy-to-use navigation tools to the entirely great and captivating graphic design and fun-filled moments, this is a game that one can play all day!

Operation of the Pirates Gulf Game

Apparently, this game is really fun and easy to play! It comes along with navigation buttons. Their purpose? The player needs to use them in rotating wheels and taking a perfect aim towards the opponent ship once noticed. The next action is to quickly fire and launch fierce attacks which are majorly boosted by the amazing powerups. The player can take a sigh of relief only when the enemy’s ship has been destroyed beyond recognition and sunk. Don’t forget to take the enemy’s booty, a clear indication of the victory achieved!

Besides, each moment the player records a win, this offers an incredible opportunity to upgrade the ship. This makes it more strong and competitive enough to acquire the ultimate title of being the best in the entire Gulf. Interestingly, the progression of an individual and other players are displayed on the Leaderboard thus making one to put more effort in becoming the best.


Compatible Devices For Pirates Gulf game

Due to the high quality nature of the game, it absolutely works well on devices such as iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. In relation to the operating system, the user needs to have installed iOS 8.0 or any new version in order to enjoy a continuous high performance.

Below are some of the amazing features that one will come across the Pirate Gulf Game. Check them out:

Absolutely incredible powerups

Getting a major boost from powerups clearly implies that the player will launch more powerful attacks. Pirates Gulf app game comes with different high-performing powerups with great capabilities of completely sinking any opponent’s ship. This puts the player in a stable position each time an enemy intrudes towards the ship. It’s just about quick fire!

High quality sound effects

The musical combination that has been integrated in this incredible game is totally amazing. Its quality is absolutely high and the rhythmic tones perfectly sync well with this game. As the player sails through the sea, the music act as a great source of entertainment and makes the game lively and fascinating.

Thrilling action-packed experience

If there is an incredible game that will leave the player completely thrilled, then Pirates Gulf game perfectly does that! Starting from launching attacks on enemies (and sending them to the Davy Jones locker) to upgrading and competing other players, the total experience is worth doing.

High quality 3D Graphic effects

The quality formation and adaptation which takes more of cartoonish art makes this game to be fun-filled and enjoyable. The entire display brings out a fascinating experience as the pirates of Gulf launch attacks on enemies; the exposure is just close to reality.


Fascinating upgraded battle ships

Each pirate of Gulf appears to upgrade their ship in order to effectively compete on the battles of the seas. The presence of different powerups makes the ships stronger and effective to launch attacks on the sea. The player can only remain competitive through ensuring that the ship is constantly upgraded.

What about the Pros and Cons of the Pirates Gulf app game? They include the following:


· Easy to operate and play- due to flexible navigation buttons

· Quite interactive as a player can compete with others

· Performance is exceptional and efficient

· Great graphic display

· A captivating game worth playing all day


· Slightly challenging for beginners

· Mild performance experienced sometimes


Pirates Gulf is a thrilling and fantastic game that gives the user unstoppable experience during the gameplay session. The game not only offers a competitive platform but also ensures that the player gets the best score out of it. With the presence of high quality sound play, highly defined graphics and other epic features, this makes it totally exceptional. It is worth downloading for free at App Store (size 54.9MB). Get it today and become the number one pirate of the Gulf!

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