PixSmash App Game: Best Trivia Puzzler

by Oct 16, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : Android
Developer : InnoMobile GmbH
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, fun
Negatives : none

An exciting puzzle game challenge is known to highly boost the brain performance of an individual especially when it comes to reasoning. Sometimes, it takes more of imagination in order to ultimately arrive at the right solution. Now, ardent game players should be ready to brace themselves with the fascinating PixSmash game puzzle. Designed by InnoMobile, this trivia-based puzzle brings a unique experience to its users by allowing them to solve puzzles expressed by the images provided.

The user can also compete effectively with other players for the top Leaderboard position. This is through identifying who completes the puzzle much faster in the correct way. Truly, it is a fun-filled game that has adopted quality graphics and animation to ensure the user gets the best experience. It is absolutely a challenge that is worth taking!


Getting into the Game

After downloading and installing this game puzzler, the player is introduced to an amazing platform that is quite intuitive. PixSmash is all about solving a simple picture quiz. At first, the player is introduced to 4 pictures that tend to portray the same meaning. As a player, one needs to tap the letters provided in order to create the required word and solve the quiz.

The puzzler comes with more than 2000 unique puzzles that the player needs to solve them. Besides, there are over 5000 high quality images (from different categories) that are meant to guide the player in coming up with the best solutions. In order to boost the overall performance, the player can apply superpowers. This can absolutely give the player an advantage against different opponents. With the fantastic animations and an amazing user-interface platform, expect that the overall experience from this top-rated app game would be superb.

Compatibility of PixSmash game puzzler

The entire formation of this incredible game proves that high quality features have been integrated to boost the overall performance. Thus, it requires a strong device to effectively support its operations. Currently, the recommended devices are iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. On the other hand, iOS 9.0 or any new version can also work well with the app.

Here are the distinct features that you will discover in this fantastic app:

Unique quiz categories

While solving the image-trivia puzzles, one can opt to customize the game in relation to the preferred category. Some of the quiz categories available are based on the plants, movies, concepts, activities, place, animals, colors, celebrities and logos among others. In order to have the best experience in this puzzle, players can always start with the categories that they are best acquainted with. That can be a headstart indeed!


Lots of puzzles to solve

The game is focused on providing the player with a great experience that is lasting for long. Thus, it has integrated more than 2000 word puzzles and their solutions. Such puzzles come with image hints that are meant to boost the reasoning skills of the player. The entire gaming experience is supported on a user-friendly platform that is well-designed with fantastic animations. Meanwhile, if the solution is unclear, there is no need to worry. You can always get it after the puzzle.

Compete and beat different opponents

One interesting thing about this game is that it offers the player a chance to compete with friends and other players who are from all over the world. As a player, one has to exhibit exceptional reasoning skills boosted by speed and accuracy in order to come out as the ultimate player. The results are indicated on the leaderboard thus one can always strive to improve on the performance. Besides, the player can use different boosters to outplay other game players. For instance, the use of Joker enhances quick solving of the quizzes and ultimately winning the game faster.

Win great rewards and real coupons

PixSmash is one of the unique games that not only rewards its users points after the puzzle but also offer them real money prizes. Some of the rewards that the users can win include smart phone devices and coupons that come with great discounts. These great prizes are offered on monthly basis for those who are able to record 20 victories during that month. This is a great chance that one can indeed grab and get to enjoy the amazing benefits that come from playing the game.

Establish an Avatar 

Meanwhile, PixSmash game puzzler allows parents to create different avatars for their kids. This can be achieved by customizing their accounts such that they can be able to take challenge on their own platform. This can highly assist in boosting their personal skills when it comes to solving different puzzles. The parent can monitor the progress of the child to ensure that there is continuous improvement.

Besides, the game has introduced a new challenge where the player can choose either Team Boys or Team Girls and compete to see which one wins. No one would actually want to be on the loosing team! Try out this challenge today.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons that one will discover from the app:


· Great gaming experience

· Fantastic animations and quality graphics

· Improved skills from challenging friends

· Amazing boosters to improve performance

· Thousands of puzzles to tackle


· Slowdown in performance due to bugs

· Infrequent output experienced

Final Verdict

PixSmash has proven to be not only a simple picture quiz but also an amazing and interactive game that comes with great learning content. The users have an incredible opportunity to have fun while solving numerous puzzles in a great user interface. Its highly-defined graphics and interesting animations make the entire gameplay fascinating. With a 4+ rating, this app is exceptional and brings great satisfaction to its users. Download it today at App Store for free and start the trivia!

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