Planet Lander- Tougher than you can think

by Nov 2, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Djee Games
Rating : 4
Positives : variety of modules and planets
Negatives : None

Does the thought of exploring new lands, especially new planets get you all excited? Do you like to visit new territories and discover new places? If yes, you must try out the iOS app Planet Lander. In this game, you are in charge of a space lander module. You have to pilot your landers to different planets and land them at a variety of unknown places.

Here’s the exciting part- there are 3 different planets to be explored. You have 5 different modules to pilot- each one different from the others and having its own characteristic features. There are 60 levels in all. Each level is unique and more challenging than the previous ones. There are 3 main goals in each level- land your module safely, catch the gems and keep up to your time goal. Let’s explore them individually.


The first goal is to land your space module safely. Each of the planets has a unique set of challenges and features. You have to figure these out and come up with a work around to deal with them. Also, having different landers makes the game more confusing and challenging. There are gems floating along the way. As you collect them, your score keeps increasing. To add to the difficulty and level of addiction, each level has a pre-set time goal. If you fail to match this, the game is over for you. Keeping up with time amidst all the pressure can be quite a tedious task indeed.


When you first download the app and install it, it seems very easy. However, as you begin playing it, you will begin to realise how challenging it actually is. There are so many factors that affect the perfect landing. Timing is very crucial too. A small glitch in time could cost you your lander module. There are so many challenges in each level that it is sometimes enough to just manage to land your module.

The gameplay and controls are so simple that just anyone could learn it and get used to it in a matter of a few minutes. You have to first activate your thrusters by tapping on the bottomof the screen on the left and right sides. Watch out for the fuel level and make sure you do not end up landing too fast. Unless you plan out your landing strategically, you are almost sure to crash. The tough part is that you do not get much time to plan things out in the game. You have to think quickly and act quicker.

The graphics of the game are quite neatly and professionally done too. The user interface is simple and avoids cluttering of the screen by keeping the number of elements at a bare minimum. The colourful backgrounds do add a touch of life and excitement to the while game. All you have to do is pick your lander, get started and launch it on another planet the right way in a short span of time, facing a lot of challenges along your way. Are you up for it?

Good: variety of modules and planets

Bad: None

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