Play Game It to Win Awesome Prizes

by Aug 21, 20150 comments

Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : GAMEIT INC
Rating : 3.5
Positives : game comes with a lot of prizes and discounts
Negatives : none

There are so many apps in the app store that provide you with a source of entertainment. While some apps are free, some requires money to register and some other requires money to play on. There are not many apps that will pay money to play games but that has been made possible by Game It. This is a sole app that offers 100% discount on products that you play for if you win the game. This is for real and you can try it out for yourself too.


Game It is an app that is been widely discussed in the media because of its true promise. When you enter the app, you get to choose the product that you want to play for. You have to answer some trivia questions in the game and each correct answer will lead you closer to the product. The person who scores the most no of correct answers in the shortest possible time will win the product in terms of 100% discount. This sounds simple and it is simple.

You always get chances to play for the product as many times as you want. You can play till the time runs out and score as faster as possible. If you are the highest scorer in the trivia round, you get the product for free. In case, the particular game fails to get minimum no of correspondents, the discount will be divided among the participants based on their score. There are 10 questions in every trivia round. Even if you fail to win the prize, you will get consolation prize of 10%, 20%, or 30%. You can even get 50% discount on the stuff you choose.


The discount is available on clothing, toys, home goods and more such products. The questions may be based on sports or can be some tricky ones that are difficult to answer. The company, Game It, sponsors all the prizes in question. The game is already quite popular in the market. There are set rules in the game that makes it fair.

As far as technical specification is concerned, you can play the game if you have iOS 7.0 or later on your device. The app is available for download on iPhone and iPad and it is absolutely free of cost. The version 0.0.21 of the game takes around 18.1 MB space on your device and it runs quite seamlessly.

Good: The game comes with a lot of prizes and discounts that are available in the real world.

Bad: There is nothing bad about the game that only makes you win.

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