PopcornTrivia-Test Your Knowledge On Movies

by Feb 21, 20170 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : CustomPlay LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : Fun, entertainer, simple
Negatives : none

We all love watching movies during our spare time and some movies are good enough that lasts longer in your memories. Question is how much of your favorite movie do you remember and one amazing way to find out is from Popcorn Trivia app. This app or can be best called a game, designed for movie lovers with endless series of trivia based questions. I just love the interface of this app that shows your stats and ranking along with some virtual gifts you can win to unlock nice features of the app.


One thing I really love about the app is that amazing animation and sound of corn popping during each time a level loads. The home screen of the app has a ‘Spin’ button and once you tap it the machine starts rolling; once it stops you have three movies that appear. You have to pick one movie to start the game that has three acts each with 10 questions. The first act has 10 set of simple questions about the movie and each question has four options to choose from. You get points for every correct answer; 10 points if you pick answer correctly in first attempt, 6 points in the second attempt and 2 points for the third. Well, you can only win points within the first three attempts.

The best part about this app is it gives you more information on every answer including some facts you may not be aware of too. There are relevant ads based on the movie that pops up every now and then; like I was playing the trivia on the movie ’50 first dates’ and with an answer I got an option to buy the shirt and sun glasses that Adam Sandler was wearing in a scene. There was also ad for a silver edible spray can similar to one used by war boys in Mad Max Fury Road. So you get information about where to buy some cools stuffs actually used in movies.


This iphone app has both single and multiplayer option, so you can choose to challenge other players across the world. You get points that you can redeem to upgrade your avatar and buy some game extensions. With every raking you get a title like the night guard or cleaning staff etc that actually describes your level of knowledge about the movies. This app not only helps you test your knowledge about your favorite movies but also improves your knowledge about many movies.

Using the points that you win in this game you can buy new movie packs that will be added to your trivia machine. You can keep spinning the machine until the time your favorite movie appears on the list. You also get bonus turns in the spins that you can use while playing the trivia. There are lots of animation movies in the list too, and my 9 year old daughter just loves to play whenever an animation movie pops up in the list. It is good that this app is built keeping people of all age groups in mind.

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