A Postive LifeTimes of Celebration Android App Review

by Jan 19, 20180 comments

Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : Android
Developer : RA Simon
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics
Negatives : none

Are you searching for the best Android app to help you prepare for the important events in your life? Whether you are celebrating your birthday, marriage, reunions and anniversaries, there is an app that can help you track these major milestones in your life. LifeTimes of Celebration Android app will help you to prepare and cherish important events in your life in style. It will remind you of the memorable moments which you need to celebrate before they are due. It will update on all you need for you to plan your big day. You can then share these good moments on your social media account.


This is the best app that you can use to track all the important events in your life. You can fix a future date to allow you calculate the time remaining before your memorable event. It will keep reminding you any event that is important in your life. LifeTimes app has the following features that make it achieve its objective:

-Countdown feature

The app allows users to calculate the time remaining before their important event.This is achieved by fixing the future date when the event is supposed to happen and getting notifications from the app on the days, hours and minutes remaining before the event.

-Tracking Feature

LifeTimes of Celebration app will help you to track any event that is important to you. It helps you to track your new relationships and lifestyle changes that are worth to be celebrated in a time-based way. We always remember to count the year that our birthdays or anniversaries fall under but what about the hours, minutes and seconds before your memorable event? But after you register with this app and fill your details it will notify you of the minor details about your important event.

-Milestone Alerts

The app will give you frequent alerts about your special event. For example, you may consider a milestone of one month for a new friendship, the app will remind you where you first met and the time based on where you are located at the moment.


-It has a user-friendly interface that is simple to use and understand

-It helps users to track memorable events in their life

-It has reminders that make sure that users are updated regularly about their special events

-Users can download the app for free from the App store

-It is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.


There is no disadvantage that has been associated with this app so far.

Final Verdict

From my personal experience, I can confess that Lifetimes of celebrations is a great app that will help celebrate important events in your life in style. By only filling the correct personal details the app will remind you of the major milestones as they approach and help you to prepare accordingly. The app will share any special event in your Facebook account so that your friends cheer or appreciate you depending on the event. If you are searching for an app to help you celebrate milestones in your life, then LifeTimes should be your priority. It is a great app that will make your birthdays, anniversaries and  marriage events memorable.

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