Prehistoric Park : Creativity in the Past

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Genre : Games
Platform : Android
Developer : Gear Games
Rating : 4
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So, you thought that life in the prehistoric era was dreary and boring? Well, if you did think so, then how about build the boring age-old caveman an amusement park to make things better for him and make his life more enjoyable? The Android app Prehistoric Park allows you to do exactly that.

With Prehistoric Park, you see an entirely different aspect of life in the prehistoric era. You take up the call of their demands and get into a world full of attractions and crazy rides. Go on a caveman holiday that has no end. How you do this is wholly up to you for you now have the onerous task of building a theme park to symbolize the Stone age. Be the new amusement tycoon.

There are many rides and attractions that you can choose from, which amount to over 60 in number. The range is varied and ranges from water rapids to roller coasters to merry go rounds to trampolines to gigantic swings made of wood to stone slides. And you can go creative and create dinomotors which are powered by real huge dinosaurs to run your rides.

To appeal to the aesthetic sense, you have stone temples, unique rare flowers, exotic trees and pagan totems that you can add to the mix. For entertainment and customer needs, you can also introduce balloon stands, restrooms, drinking fountains, snack bars, and a lot more. For rest and comfort, you can build benches and rest areas under the trees or make tents for your visitor so that they can simply laze around at times. Make a complete park for the caveman.

While you are away, you can hire workers to take care of your park and run it smoothly. And remember, you are limited to the prehistoric era alone. It is your task to keep your visitors amused, well fed and thrilled all through. Lest they may get bored and just leave your park. You have to give them the best and the greatest and the latest rides and attractions that you can find in that era.

You are building the first ever theme park in the timeline of humanity. So, you have to furnish it well and make sure that it satisfies all of your visitors’ needs. This park is an exemplary one of its kind. So, make it unique and special that it may be hailed the best of not only this age but of all times. See to it that your visitors have all they can possibly need, varying from shelter to amusement to food to comfort to fun.

It sometimes gets really hard to understand the symbols used in the game to convey that which the caveman has to say and the app could do better with the option of being able to view other parks to get an idea.

Now the task of building the best amusement park is on your shoulders. Compete with foes and friends and share all of your achievements. May the best park win!

Good: A large number of attractions and rides to choose from

Bad: Absence of the option to view other parks

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