PrintJinni: Ultimate Wireless Printing App For Android Users

by Feb 6, 20130 comments

Platform : Android
Rating : 4
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There are some images and documents that you require to have in printed form. Though it is a digital era we are living in, some memories are to be kept in printed form and there are some documents that have to be physically submitted, to different departments. The android devices has given opportunity to manage your official works on your device and also given opportunity to click high quality pictures and modify it in the manner you want. With the new software, PrintJinni, you can now use the facility of wireless printing.

PrintJinni is available in the amazon app store and you can download it directly to your device. The company offers 30 days free trial after which you will require to purchase it. You can print office documents, emails, photos, and anything because the app supports almost all sorts of files. The 30 days trial includes all the features of the full version and thus you can assess what you are going to get. The print preview is also provided by the app and it has made things more compact, for your official and personal work. You have to register for the services using your valid email id and you can extend the services beyond 30 days. For 30 days the rental is $0.99, $1.49 for 90 days, $2.49 for 180 days and $3.99 for one year.


  • The app provides wireless printing option for all sorts of documents.
  • The app is compatible with photo printing. It can print all sorts of format including PDF, JPEG, Microsoft office docs, webpage, email and more.
  • The photos from gallery as well as emails, Google+, FlickerTM, Picasa, and more can be printed.
  • Microsoft word 2003, 2007 and 2010 documents, PowerPoint and excel files can be printed.
  • The app provides real preview which tells you how your document would actually look.
  • The paste board allows you to print secured content.
  • You can use the standard device browser.
  • The app is compatible to Facebook, Instagram, Shutterfly™ Photobucket®, and Snapfish® and you can print using “Print with PrintJinni.
  • You can print from Google+, Flickr™ and Picasa™ using “Social Networks”.
  • The app is available in languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and French.
  • In app purchase is also available.
  • You can choose to use the limited printing option where you will be able to print only JPEG files without any registration.
  • Black and white print option is available for economical printing.
  • The version 5.1.1 takes around 3.9 MB space on your device and needs android 2.1 or later.

Summary: The PrintJinni is a wireless printing app that has simplified wireless printing. The service is compatible to a whole lot of format making it easier for the user to manage his works. The 30 days free trial with all the features is the best way to judge the usability of the app.

Good: The printing access is instant and there is no fuzz involved in installing the app.

Bad: There are some formats with which the app does not work.

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