Pronto: The Secure messaging app

by May 14, 20170 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : RXN LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, Graphics, secured, concept
Negatives : None

There are 2.789 billion active social media users worldwide, nearly one-third of the total population. There are also millions of social networking apps present in the market. All of those apps give similar facilities like text, images and video messaging, simple image editing and much more. Some of those apps are popular and better than some of the others. However, most of them lack one common feature, which is message security. As the name itself suggests, social networking shares the data socially, making the information or the data less secure and more vulnerable.


There is a new application that claims to be number one new secure messaging app on the market, Pronto. Pronto is an app that might seem very similar to other apps, but it has some pretty interesting features when it comes to the message security.

Of course, in this messenger, you can send and receive text messages, share images, videos and save or forward the messages. It can also edit images with some cool filters and add text or draw on the image itself. Additionally, all of those messages sent through this app are highly encrypted and secured. This messenger generates a link of your message and media for you to share it more securely. Preventing any misuse or loss of the media and information from the message.


This app also has some exclusive features like the disappearing the message and screenshot protection. With the help of message time bar, we can decide how long the message or media shared can appear on the receiver side, after that certain time, the message will disappear automatically. Furthermore, if you click on the lock button of the screen, it enables the screenshot protection mode. This mode prevents the receiver from taking a screenshot of the media, saving messages or forwarding it further. However, creator of this app claims the app to be HIPPA compliant so that doctors and medical staff can securely exchange patient information.

From this application, you can send such secured messages to anyone using any messaging apps, like iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat or others. You can even email it or add to the notes. You can instantly share the messages with people nearby through AirDrop as well. Additionally, It is not required that the receiver should also have Pronto installed, making the process much easier.



1. Unique security measures and an end to end encryption of the message.

2. Screenshot protection feature.

3. Message self-destruction mechanism.

4. Sent messages can be easily recalled.

5. Can easily communicate with other messaging apps.


1. Very similar to other messaging apps except for the security features.

2. Basic camera quality

3. Additional camera features like live filters and editing tools not present.

Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 5.


Though this application lacks some runtime image editing filters like Snapchat and group creating features like WhatsApp, it has the unique features like disappearing messages and screenshot protection. Pronto might not be some revolutionary social networking app like Facebook, though this app is a pioneer in terms of some secure messaging concepts. Hence, the Pronto app deserves a shot for its unique features.

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