Protect your privacy with LEO Privacy Guard

by Sep 18, 20150 comments

Genre : Utilities
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : clean UI, screens, secured
Negatives : none

One of the greatest worries while using a device is its security. You are always in the lookout that when a friend, parent or a workmate borrows your phone they do not accidentally stumble upon private images, videos or messages. With LEO Privacy Guard installed you never have to give it a care. It is a trusted, all in one privacy and security app on iTunes with optimized features having many different functions to help you customize and keep your device secure and also protect your secrets from annoying snoopers. Here is a brief LEO privacy guard-iPhone app review that you can check out.


How to use it?

There are various ways for protecting your device using LEO Privacy Guard. The first thing you need to do upon downloading and installing the app is to set a password in the form of a pattern lock by connecting at least four dots. In case you forget your password you can create a security question to be answered.


  • Now you use your device in many different areas of your life and you have needs accordingly. Therefore, you can conveniently set modes to lock your apps and keep different levels of privacy depending on what kind of contacts you are currently in. You can swap between modes like �Guest Mode’ and �Home Mode’ and also create new modes like �Work Mode’ etc. You can select different apps you want to lock depending on what mode you are in. For e.g. if you are on �Work Mode’ you may want to lock the games app on your device and nobody will be able to access it while you are in this mode. You would have to enter your LEO Privacy Guard password in order to switch to another mode.


  • The Guard also scans your device and notifies you on your current privacy level. An �alert’ notification suggests that you might want to increase your phone security.
  • The App empowers you to hide hideous images from prying eyes and prevent them from being viewed. Selected images vanish from your photo gallery and can be kept away from public eye in the Hidden Image Gallery and visualized only in the Guard with the password. It is simple to use and you can even hide or unhide videos, SMSs and calls in a similar manner.
  • Another feature of the App is that you can easily lock and uninstall unwanted individual apps using it. It also provides shortcuts to apps so that everything is within your reach.
  • It gives you detailed information about memory and storage capacity of both your device and SD card and usage of apps including which apps are eating up your battery.
  • The App provides a backup and recovery option in case you have apps with valuable data that you wouldn’t want to lose.



  • It is a comprehensive, highly ranked and popular security App on iTunes store.
  • It has a stunning design and layout that is easy to use. You can also customize background with stylish themes.
  • Allows you to control access to photos, videos, messages as well as calls. Privacy made easy!
  • It requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with the iPod Touch (3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th generation) iPhone (4, 5, 6 and 6 plus) and iPad and available for free download on iOS Store.


  • The App like many other security apps includes an option to view and download other Apps so you have to be conscious of what you are clicking and not accidentally download other apps.

All in all it is a great app at your fingertips providing the perfect security to your device. So make your space private by giving LEO Privacy Guard a quick download and check it out in the app store!

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