Pyrus: Must Have App for Effective Project Management

by May 24, 20150 comments

Genre : Business
Platform : Web
Developer : Pyrus
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, simple, elegant
Negatives : none


Elegant.Effective.That Is the best way to summarize Pyrus. These three qualities is what sets it apart from the other apps of the same classification. The most essential part of any team project is coordination, and in order to achieve that you need the right medium that gives each working member clarity and perspective of their job at hand. This is exactly what Pyrus does.

It takes a leaf from the old school book of email. All you need to do is add the members in a project by inviting them via email.Once that is done, you can create the task that is to be performed and also provide them with any additional files or attachments that may be needed for the task. These tasks may further be organized into projects, thus providing for an effective splitting of the project among the working members.

For large projects, with complex routines, the user may also choose to set up work flows, which is nothing but a digitalized flowchart that effectively shows every active member the flow of their tasks/project and enables them to envision the exact path to the desired final outcome. These work flows have the option to be made single step or multistep that can be modified repeatedly thus incorporating the flexibility factor of a project.

The most essential part of any major or minor project is time. For effective time management, this app is also facilitated with a time tracker that keeps each memeber aware of the elapsed time and also helps make sure all the members are working at the same and ideal pace as required by the constraints of the project.

Any major project is also likely to have a lot of files and these files often needs to be approved by the project leader. Pyrus also does that for you. All the files can be submitted for approval and the leader can approve or provide feedback accordingly.Additionaly a sub task feature is provided that helps a member simplify their tasks by diving into an action list that lists out the intended plan of action.

There may be numerous tasks in a project and thus for efficient searching and sorting of tasks you are provided with the option to search for them based on various parameters such as name, date created etc. An additional functionality to add events directly to the calendar of your phone is also provided to make sure you are in constant check of an event or a task.All you need to do is login and access your projects from any handheld device or via the Pyrus software for your computer.Your handheld device will also receive push notifications(if enabled) in case you receive a new task or when you are nearing your deadline, thus always keeping you on track.Pyrus also provides additional support for google watch to reply without your phone, on the go.

The bottom line: Must have for an optimal and efficient project management. – Try PYRUS