Quantum Revenge IOS App Review

by Feb 11, 20170 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Realtech VR
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, sound
Negatives : none

In recent times, twin stick controls have successfully replaced the old Dual Joystick system of game control for First-person shooter games. The sudden popularity of this new control system has facilitated its introduction to the control of Third-person shooter games which demands more technicality and sophistication. Mobile versions of twin stick shooter games have also gained an unprecedented level of popularity even though there are no real sticks involved in the controls. The expected release of the Quantum Revenge game on iOS platforms this coming month will only take the popularity of twin shooter games on mobile to another level. Game controllers can be used but more preference is given to the touch controls which everyone should be able to handle on the various iOS platforms. The game is reported to have top-notch 2D and 3D animations that are combined in a superb fashion which also help to make the game distinct and an upgrade to previous twin-shooter games that we have experienced especially on iOS platforms.


The Game features robots and enemies crafted after characters from the Manga planet with highlights on the Mecha genre with robots controlled by you the player through a human character in the game. An exciting part of the Mechas genre is the fact that you have the liberty to choose from six of them and customize them to suit your taste which basically means that you can own the game and enjoy the thrills firsthand. You can upgrade the Mechas with different armors and modules which gives you more firing power and attacking prowess in the game. The characters will be brought to life in the gameplay and the magnificent display promises to give a really nice view of the amazing things you can do with them. The game description on itunes gives more insight on the characters and the story behind the game; if you haven’t read the description on itunes, you can do so and get more insight into what to expect from the game upon its release by March this year. The official trailer of the game released recently in a desperate attempt to calm the nerves of fans that are earnestly waiting for the release of the game features a demo, of what to expect in a real game-play scenario. A practical example of what the 2D and 3D display will be like was fully shown and the expected speed of gameplay while most of the action is taking place was also on show. If the actual game-play in the game app is anything like the trailer, then mobile gamers are in for a real treat come March 2017.


Although the game has been announced to be introduced on all iOS platforms, there are reports that claim that android users will as well get a feel of the Quantum of Revenge action as an android version will also be released simultaneously. This is great news especially for twin stick game lovers who only have access to android platforms and would still love to play the game on their devices. Quantum of Revenge promises to be a great game and it is even more pleasing to know that it will be available on the Android and iOS platforms.

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