RaceMyFace: Entertaining App for iOS

by Jun 4, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : RaceMyFace LLC.
Rating : 4
Positives : attactive, entertaining, screens
Negatives : none

That is the best app ever developed yet in the mobile photography field. That is because it allows you to take clear photos even when constrained by time to respond to a background that are in motion. With that app, any picture is easily captured. What determines the quality of the photo is the sole user. Nevertheless, the app makes an even amateur and inexperienced photographers to look like professionals. With innovation, style and creativity, the app ensures that all your photos are clear, classy and of top quality you can find today.


Race My Face is an app that allows you to get clear face screenshots on your iPhone using your camera. The app is very effective and efficient for use while taking your face photos. That is the pioneer in the world of taking selfies’. It was developed fundamentally to enable users take and upload the best face photos. With this app, users are joined with advertisers in the same forum. The app is easy to use, and it is highly adaptive. Every image taken using the app is viewable clearly on any size of the screen.


Precision is also associated with this app. The photos taken using Race My Face app are enhanced in clarity and very crystal clear. Advertisers have taken to that app to inspire creativity and innovation among all the users. This app ensures that users boost their personalities, increase their creativity and display their brand loyalty. With these photos displayed to the whole world, all users get a chance to vote for and rate their favorite photos. The app simply blends in the fun with a competition in which the winner is awarded $100.


Currently, RaceMyFace is in a relentless search for background images to use on its App Login screen and website. The reason behind the competition is to find the best photo that adequately represents its core value. In the case that your selfie upload best represents the core values, another user will also vote for you and you are termed as the winner. The aim of the contest is to find the best representation of the concept of the selfie, and the prize may range from cash, to gift cards to tickets and other retrievable goodies.

The app also boasts of high resolutions and does not produce any blurred images. No matter the lighting in the background, your photo always is clear and of excellent quality. The app eliminates all the other impending factors and produces a top quality photo making you look like a star. With RaceMyFace, your photos appear unique and much desirable.

The app is enjoyable to use simply because of its quick response. It responds quickly hence in the case of a moment requiring quick capture for example flying birds in your background you can take full advantage. RaceMyFace also can take clear photos while the camera lens is in motion. In this case, it takes numerous continuous photos automatically enabling you to choose the very best of them all.

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