Read to me – The Perfect Story Teller

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Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : David Martinson
Rating : 4.5
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It’s how often do you see that a child want his father to accompany him on the dining table or read him stories but due to his business, the father is out and unable to respond to the precious tears of his child. Neither of them is responsible nor can do anything about it than to face the loneliness. But these things have adverse effects on children and often make them believe that their parents don’t love them and they try to found out this love somewhere else which misleads them to the wrong way. So, if we could resolve the problem from where it started, it would have not let all that happen. One such step has already been taken by David Martinson. Then, why not to join him!

Actually, we are talking about an iOS app that has been recently released in the market. The app is called “Read To Me” and has been developed by Read To Me. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later version of the OS. Now, the app is neither a story teller nor a story book. It is rather “you” when you are not present near your child. Didn’t get what I meant? Then continue reading.

The app is actually a voice recorder, to be precise. But there is a whole lot of difference between a voice recorder and a “story teller”. Then how does the app bridge this gap? This was probably the biggest difficulty for the developer. But we must say that he has done a good job for that. The app lets you record your voice like if you are telling a story to your baby. Then the app presents to you a book which you can use as the story book little children are fond of. This book can serve for the various illustrations which may either click or download. However, it is best if you ask your children to pose for the illustrations as it will make the session more interactive and your children will remember all the happenings between you and him when he sees them back on the phone.

The app also allows you to select a name for the story and a cover photo so that your small child may easily recognize which of the available stories he/she has already read and which are new. The UI of the app is very simple to use and well designed for small children.

Though the idea of keeping the voice of the father/mother intact is appreciable, but it points out the fact that the app is nothing but a way of representation. The actual hero of the story is still the father who has to put the story to his child in the same way as he does. Otherwise, it will be a boring show.

The app is available for $0.99 in the App Store. The developer has also included a story of his own, “Croaky and Snappy” which he used to read to his children. It also gives you an idea of how to use the app. Good luck for this one.

Pros: nice concept; real-like presentation.

Cons: basically just a voice recorder.

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