Red Bull Mission Control – Get Out into the Real World

by Jul 26, 20120 comments

Platform : iPhone
Developer : Red Bull Media
Rating : 4
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If social networking is your sort of thing, and you are a travel adventure lover, you will love to have a real world game that will help you compete with real life players. Red Bull Mission Control is here to fulfill this purpose. Just anyone can become an agent and then complete a mission that has been set mainly in your surrounding world. You have to go out and get exploring. And of course, your iPhone is not to be missed out.

This iPad and iPhone game makes you take part in the happenings around you. You have to get out into the real world and make use of the device’s camera and compass and compete with others around the whole world using snapped photos, mini-missions and check-ins. The aim is to see who can complete the most number of missions. Leaderboards are regularly calculated after every seven-day period, giving you a chance to get to the top each week.

To verify your ID, you will have to sign up through Facebook and then this app will generate missions to be completed by you. The first level has a few missions only. These can range from photographing secret headquarters to making a red bull run to picturing weird objects to calibrating your compass. Each completed mission will earn you points based on your speed. You need to accumulate points to make it to the next level for new missions. There are a variety of missions based on your location

The design of the Mission Control App is simply excellent and would count among the best in the App Store. It is responsive and does not get jammed. Also, it is intuitive too. The entire concept of using your iPhone for missions in the real world is quite strikingly different and creative. Else, we are too sedentary and work on one chair for hours on stretch. In these cases, it provides one a chance to get out there and explore the wild, making these missions more important than ever before.

It would surely be a great asset to the app to have had the option of winning actual prizes in the real world from the missions. This would have added completion to the entire concept. A great brand such as Red Bull is capable of pulling this off and its fans are ready to take it on.

The Red Bull Mission Control app is quite addictive. You keep moving from one mission to another all day long and grabbing points for each one completed. You can always brag about your checkins and achievements. It is an app that really gets you out of the comfort of your couch and going out into the real world to complete missions that you would not have thought of before. It is quite exciting and engaging with its wonderful concept and designs both. It gives you memorable experiences like never before while you contest hard to become the top agent for the week by taking on more missions all the time.

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