Retro Rugby – Unique Entertaining Game

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Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Twentysix ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : fun, graphics, sound
Negatives : none

Retro Rugby is like a blast from the past. In this fulfilled fast paced game you must get your rugby player around the opposing team to score a goal. But it’s not that easy. As levels increase more players will take to the field to try and disrupt your path to the goal. Using finger swipes you must work your way down the field and around the opposing players. The opposing players are stationary or moving depending on the play and you must be quick to avoid a collision with a defender who will knock your player down and prevent the goal.


This game definitely has a retro feel, much like the days of Frogger or Mario Brothers and is great for any age player. Offered by Twenty Six Mobile games it has been downloaded by thousands of people worldwide. This fun game for your android or iPhone will keep you entertained for hours.


One of the benefits of Retro Rugby is the simplicity of the game. Using simple finger swipes you chart a path for your rugby player to the goal. You can score a single point or hit one of the bonus pillars for a higher score. Defenders are either stationary or moving and timing is the key to scoring your goal. As levels increase so does the difficultly until you are facing an angry squad of defenders bent on blocking your player.

Unlike its predecessors Retro Rugby has all the great graphics of current games available. It has addition features allowing to you choose the color of the attacking team adding an extra element that is fun for kids and adults alike. The game will also track your stats letting you know the number of games played, the length of your longest game, accuracy, number of goals scored, and how many misses you had among other things. This can make game play more fun as you work to increase your stats.

For added entertainment you can connect on Facebook or Twitter to compare stats with other players. You can create tournament with your friends to see who can get the best stats or just let others know how well you’re doing on the game.


The game has received rave reviews from gamers who say that it is addictive with great graphics and game play. Rugby fans love the fact that you can track and improve your stats with continued game play. Many players find the game totally addictive and play for hours since game play only ends when you choose. Receiving four starts this game will stand the test of time and be around for a while.

Although the game has gotten rave reviews no game is perfect and some players report finding the game less interactive than they would like. An update to link players in the game would be a welcome addition, increasing the difficulty by adding outside influences. Game players would also like to see the addition of addition players in the game allowing for passing situations to get past defenders.

The bottom line is that this is a simple retro game that will offer even people who don’t like rugby hours of entertainment.

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