Revealed: The Best Picstagrab app Review

by Mar 2, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Sunnarsoft Ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, editing tool,
Negatives : none

Introduction and key features on the Picstagrab app

One of the top watermarking, downloading and reposting app , for all of your instagram images is the Picstagrab app with an option of adding captions depending on your choice, Style and preference. The entire rather complex processing of featuring a picture or an image might be very involving and time consuming, but thank goodness to the Picstagrab app that can automate this entire process and hence, save you so much time. This process might involve anything from posting or updating your daily pictures, reposting or even downloading images on your instagram account. Anytime you load an image or a picture, Picstagrab app will never make any assumptions that there are no available duplicates, but will immediately begin searching for any duplicates, automatically. The app is also very effective in as far as adding a watermark is concerned, during reposting or perhaps downloading an image. You could choose the watermark from your own collection which you can easily create and manage by removing, adding and generally editing the available watermark options. You should also note that before adding any watermark to your chosen image, you can make some changes on the watermark such as repositioning, resizing and changing the opacity of that particular watermark. You can also determine the kind of a background that you will want by removing the white and black backgrounds of the watermark to make it transparent.


Any downloaded image will be automatically stored on your camera roll and you can also repost as many images as possible to your instagram wall using the available optional captions on the Picstagrab app. You can either select the caption from your collection or library of caption and added before reposting the pictures.


The app is been designed for both iPad and iPhones and is available on the apple store, unfortunately those with other devices cannot enjoy the mazing features and services of the Picstagrab app. The app is also free and can be readily downloaded and utilized by anyone with the compatible devices. The app also comes with a specific age restriction or range of those 17 and above years of age and perhaps due to the complexity and design of the app. Again, the applications compatibility requires iOS 7.1 or the later versions. Devices such as the iPod touch, iPhones, Ipads, are highly recommended for use with this app. It has also been specifically optimized for iPhone 5, 6 and iPhone 6 plus phones.


The latest version of the app

There is a latest version of the Picstagrab app with better and improved features especially on the watermarks. The 1.5 version ensures that before a watermark is added, the previous one with its location, size and also opacity that were used initially gets used or comes by default. In other words, these past settings will automatically appear on your current image and off-course with other features of changing or adjusting those settings to whatever watermark you desire.


There might be other image grabbing and editing apps out there, but there is none of them compares to the amazing features and experience that come with the Picstagrab app.

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