A Review of the ADSS Trading Android App

by Oct 24, 20180 comments

Genre : Finance
Platform : Android
Developer : ADS Securities LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : simple to use, UI
Negatives :

If you were to search for trading apps online, there is no doubt that you will be presented with an array of options. But while a majority of people may tend to try out the new trading apps released, they usually find themselves back using the OREX trading platform. The ADSS trading platform released by the ADS Securities LLC offers a CFD trading platform that is cost-effective.

You are able to trade over 1000 CFDs and 90 currency pairs using the award-winning Android trading application. The CFD markets include Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Shares, Forex, and Commodities. CFD trading is possible using the common currencies and financial instruments including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and Gold.

Features of the ADSS Trading Android App

I.User interface

The user interface of the platform or app is simple to use and intuitive to suit traders with different levels of trading experience. Moreover, the user interface offers the necessary convenience needed by enabling you to manage multiple assets. This can help you double your investment. Also, share prices live updates and other assets status is also delivered to you subject to your investments.

II.MT4 trading platform

This is the key trading platform offered by the ADSS Trading platform. Because this platform, MetaTrader 4platform, is powerful and also a cutting-edge network infrastructure is provided by the ADS Securities, this has led to the average time for a trade execution to be about 100ms. ADS Securities has also provided the standard
version of the MetaTrader 4 platform apart from also offering other additional and essential enhancements.

For example, with the MT4 Plus additional feature, the capabilities in regard to charting and analytics of the MT4 platform are enhanced in a great way. Other additional trading tools provided for the purpose of enhancing the trading abilities of the clients on the platform exist. These tools include VPS, Autochartist and Algo Builder.

III.Different trading accounts provided

Since traders tend to have different trading needs, different trading accounts have been provided for that purpose. Some of the main trading accounts that a potential client is able to choose from including Prime Standard, Prime Spread Betting and Prime ECN.

When a trader or a client is using either the Spread Betting or the Standard account, then he/she is in a position to access a variety of financial instruments. Some of these financial instruments include CFDs, Forex, Bonds, and commodities by using the main platform of the service.

IV.Customer support

If a trader encounters any issue when using the service, like it is expected, then there are provided channels of communication. Customer support is dispensed through the use of live chat, email, and telephone. According to the review of many users or traders of the platform, generally, the customer support is responsive and effective.

V.Informative videos provided by the experts

Access to professional information provided can help in informing your trading decision and improving your trading capability. What is more, detailed stats of assets together with graphical representation are availed to you.

Pros of the ADSS Trading App

·There is a provision of a trading platform and tools that are advanced

·A variety of trading accounts offered

·Ultra-efficient trading

·Easy to use

Cons of the ADSS Trading App

·Sometimes it may take up to 24 hours and even more to be able to resolve a complaint

·There is no supporting of social trading

·Telephone support only limited to those in the UK

·No incentives provided to encourage the opening of an account

·May experience slow connection

In conclusion, this particular trading app is generally solid. The app is provided by a broker that is well-known and reliable and of course, the app is backed by a holding company that is well established and financially strong. The
account opening requirements are flexible and various trading tools are provided to traders to enhance their abilities in trading. For these reasons, you need to use this app. You can download it from the Google Play Store and
see how it offers something quite different from other available apps.

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