Review of PersonalityMatch App

by Dec 7, 20160 comments

Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, simple
Negatives : none

There are apps for everything these days. Now, Apple has developed an app called “PersonalityMatch” for users who are interested in finding out more about their own personalities and those of their friends.

What is PersonalityMatch?

At its base, this app is a personality test. It requires that two people take a personality test so that the app can compare the given answers to determine which personality type each person is. These types are then compared to assess how compatible the users are with each other.

Percentages from 0 to 100 are displayed to show how compatible the users are based on four categories – energy, information, decisions, and lifestyle.

The app also claims to be able to provide the users with advice about both personal and work relationships.


How Does it Work?

PersonalityMatch uses the 16 Briggs-Myers personality types, and research conducted by psychologist Carl Jung. The answers selected by each user determines the personality type. The app uses the basic characteristics of each type to provide the users with information about their relationship, as well as tips for improving relationships between incompatible personality types.

Is PersonalityMatch Worth Trying?

Every app has its positives and negatives. Here are the main pros and cons of this app:

The main positive about this app is that the personality test is relatively short compared to other personality quizzes. Several online quizzes are so long that the user loses interest before completing the quiz.

The questions in the test are also simply worded, making it effortless to choose an answer. Instead of the standard true or false questions posed by most quiz apps, PersonalityMatch provides the users with hypothetical scenarios. The user selects the answer that most closely resembles what he or she would do in that situation. This is much more engaging than other quiz apps.


Also, the app is easy to use. The formatting is straightforward, and the results are clearly displayed and easy to understand. The display is clear and uncluttered.

In addition to providing information about personal relationships, the app also makes it easy to narrow down a potential career path. The app shows the most and least appropriate career options for each type of personality.


While it is more user-friendly to have a shorter quiz, the test may not be in-depth enough to be fully accurate. Additional questions would help determine a more detailed personality type. Also, including control questions would help prevent users from trying to answer in a way that the results show them the personality type they feel is the most desirable.

As well, the app is able to compare two users but not a group. Since it is intended to assist with interpersonal relationships, it would be useful to include an option to explore group dynamics.


Overall, this app is worth downloading. The interface is simple to use, and the information provided is helpful for improving communication between friends or coworkers. In terms of career advice, this app does not provide a significant amount of guidance, however, it is helpful for eliminating general industries that may not be the best fit for each personality type.

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