Robot Clash Run: Fun-filled, Endless Run Gaming Experience

by Aug 4, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Shekoo LLC
Rating : 4.5
Positives : UI, graphics, colors
Negatives : None

There are lots of different games that have been developed. However, some of them do not leave a lasting impact on the user after playing. Meanwhile, there are others that come with a thrilling experience that can make the player to play all day long. One such game is the recently updated Robot Clash Run. This fun-filled arcade game that comes with an endless runner has clearly displayed inexplicably high performance that has left players with amazing experience. Its operation is quite simple; run, kick, jump, and proceed to change different lanes with the aim of giving the best shot on the opponents (drones and robots). From the overall reviews of the honest users, this game is absolutely classical and incomparable and totally deserves a high rating!


Getting into the Game

After installing this amazing game, the player is introduced to a new world of endless run. There are different arcade levels that the player needs to run through and apply different techniques during the process. The player can attack the opponent using tactics like kicking, jumping, changing lanes and also flying (especially when attacking the drones).

In order to earn more points that will boost the endless run, the player needs to catch the snacks located on the paths. They act as stimulators. Recently, the power-up feature has been installed to boost the speed and performance of the player. As the player moves around, there is great need avoid the obstacles that are located along the path in order to make it safely through the level.


Suitable device for the Robot Clash Run game

So far, the recommendable devices that can effectively deliver the expected output for this app include iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. These devices have been noted to work seamlessly with the app and meet the expected needs of the users. Meanwhile, when it comes to operating system, iOS 8.0 or any latest one available will perform efficiently.

What are the distinct features found in Robot Clash Run? Here are some of them:

Run continuously to finish the level

When it comes to playing Robot Clash Run game, it is all about running consistently while combating the robots and drones that are on the way. There are obstacles that may act as hindrances to finishing a particular level; as a player, one should avoid them in order to make to the finish line of the current level.

Fuel up the endless run by earning points

In any mission that involves constant launching of attacks, there is need for the player to ensure that the game has been fueled up. This is meant to ensure that one has the power and points to tackle different opponents. In Robot Clash Run, the player can gather numerous points by collecting pizzas, burgers and fries on the way.

Use all option to defeat enemies

During the game play, the intruders have one mission of completely destroying the other. As a player, one should use whatever it takes to protect the earth; this includes using different special weapons to bring down the drones. The use of hot dog missiles can be effective weapon for destroying robots.


Get fries deliveries from the drones

The player will discover that most drones come along with fries in form of deliveries. One should launch a raid on the drones and get away with the deliveries. This clearly implies that the more fries obtained, the more points the player earns.

Special powers needed

There are numerous weapons that the user will discover can be used to destroy the robots and the drones. It is up to the user to maximize on them when launching different attacks. For instance, special powers and weapons such as missiles can be unleashed on the robots to tally destroy them.

Apply the easy-to-use controls

It is clear that this amazing game has applied the use of a user-friendly interface that makes the user to have an easy time when touching different controls. Apply such controls in hunting down the robots and drones which may either the ground or in the sky.

Besides, check out for the new features that are contained in this amazing app. Some of them include power-up boost, beautifully furnished towns (Asian and Military towns), numerous fights and flights and lots of snacks!

The merits and demerits identified in this app include:


· Amazing color schemes for the display

· Special purpose weapons to launch attacks

· Amazing and challenging levels worth tackling

· Quite addictive and captivating app

· Easy to navigate through the paths using controls


· Slow down in performance with time

· Some levels completely hard to finish

Final Verdict

A game that comes with an unstoppable experience that is totally fascinating is absolutely worth trying. This is exactly what the Robot Clash Run comes along with. The player should expect great performance that exceeds the expectation. More flights, more fights, new robots and improved tricks are some of the features noted. Download this app game now and get into the game!

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