Rocket Space – Explore Space from your iPhone

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Genre : Games
Platform : iPhone
Developer : Olga Leonteva
Rating : 4
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Children have extraordinary ambitions to explore the space and fly in rockets. To help them achieve what they want, parents have to keep children inspired all the time in a way kids like to follow. What can be better than games to feed the ambitions of the young? Rocket Space is one such app that offers a fun-filled means for children to explore space using a rocket. The rocket in the app allows the player to scale multiple heights. Rocket Space has been developed and launched by Ola Games and is available for the iPhone and iPad users. A lot of adults as children would have daydreamed about space exploration and traveling in space shuttles. Rocket Space will also be loved by adults and is a perfect time pass for space-lovers. This app provides the opportunity for a perfect visualization for anyone who plays the game.


Rocket Space is a free arcade game that allows you to set out on an intrepid mission to space. You can imagine yourself as the astronaut of the rocket; the rocket will be scaling upwards vertically into space from the earth. On the course of your space journey, you have to collect coins which will earn you points. Your path will be filled with hazardous obstacles such as strange space ships, balloons, satellites and aero planes; you have to maneuver your rocket in a clever way such that you avoid all obstacles which can otherwise cause severe damage to your rocket and still stay on your path which surely requires a lot of undaunted courage.

The players will be surely interested in knowing how much elevation they have gained as they become more and more alienated from the earth. The information on how much elevation you have gained along with the total points you have accumulated will be displayed on the left hand side corner of your screen. This feature lets you have a quick check on essential information and still stay focused in the game.

The app has a very clear and uncluttered layout which makes it easy for anyone to follow and play. It is very easy to handle and you can play as soon as you log in to the app. There are no special tutorials needed as the app is simply straight forward. Rocket Space offers dozens of upgrades to be done to the game but under the paid section. The rocket has a very interesting feature of tilt control and the app can be integrated with your game center which will enable you keep a track of your scores and also challenge your friends. You can experience the realistic physics during your play; the graphics of this app are also very attractive. The background music is very pleasing to the ears and doesn’t have the jarring effect.


Rocket Space is a very interesting and addictive game play which is sure to engage your kids for hours. This game can be easily downloaded from the App store and is offered for free of cost.

Good – The simplicity of the game.

Bad – There are very few levels in the free versions and you have to pay for all the upgrades.

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