Roundme: Experience the beauty around you

by Mar 1, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : Sharing panoramic views made easy
Negatives : none

When you are lazily browsing the web for photos of attractions round the world, you begin to realise how beautiful the world we live in is. Not only that, you wish to travel all across and experience all these wonders. Nonetheless, reality hits you with the many things that are sure to hold you back. If you have ever felt this way, then panoramic photos are an excellent solution for you. With these, you can literally feel the surroundings of the photo come alive in front of your eyes. Roundme, an iOS app, is here to add a unique twist to these.


Developed by Verdom IT Projects, this app has a huge community of users who share panoramic views, making you feel more alive than ever. You can use the in-built camera of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to create breath-taking panoramic spaces or scenes and share them with other online enthusiasts. You can browse through the brilliant photography of thousands of users and be awestruck by the beauty of the world you live in. Step into the shoes of the photographer as you view each photo and feel mesmerised yourself.


The beauty of the app is that it helps viewers actually stand in the same spot that you would have stood while clicking the picture. They have to spin physically to get the complete view. Working with the app is really simple. You begin with shooting a panoramic photo on your iOS device normally and then launch the Roundme app. Select the ‘Create’ option from the menu and choose the photo you would like to upload. After filling in a few fields, this photo is added to your Space. The photos are enthused with life as they are uploaded onto the Roundme stream.

This app makes up for an extremely great experience of virtual reality. It is a superbly creative usage of photography that does not require you to put in any extra effort. All you have to do is click photos normally. You can put together text, images as well as videos to document all aspects of your life, sharing these with everyone around almost immediately. If you wish to visit a particular location, this app would surely give you a good review by allowing you to catch a glimpse of it beforehand. You can see what you can expect for yourself.


The Roundme app requires iOS 7.0 or higher for compatibility with an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. It has been optimized for the iPhone 5, requiring 20.8 MB of free memory space on your device. It is available in the Photo and Video Category of the App Store for Free. Irrespective of whether you are a photographer or architect or interior decorator or software engineer or businessman, this app is sure to catch your fancy if you have a thing for photography and travel. The online community is fun and full of life and enthusiasm and talent. This, combined with the polished and easy to use interface, makes the app  worth a shot for sure.

Good: Sharing panoramic views made easy

Bad: None

Worth HAving Application –  Download the App