Sack Dude – The Best Stress Buster Game

by Apr 25, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPhone
Developer : Firezoo Ltd
Rating : 4.5
Positives :
Negatives :

Sack Dude is a fun filled game created mainly for relaxing yourself for all type of stress. This game is developed by Firezoo ltd, targeting wide range of IOS audience. Stress has become part of everyone’s life nowadays and you need a friend to console you and to pull you out of stress. If you don’t have a friend then this Sack Dude will be your best buddy, whom you can punch or shoot or you can do whatever you want to push your stress out of you mind. You don’t need to express your stress and anger to someone and end your relation. You can show it to Sack Dude and he will make you relax.

This game has a theme of torturing or teasing a cute little guy who has been tied up in a sack and you will be given various funny weapons. The sack guy gives various expressions based on the weapons you use. You can use lightning bolts to give a shock treatment to the Sack Dude or a Paintball gun which will fire colorful paintballs over the Sack Dude or you can use variety of guns like Pistols, Shotgun & Uzi to shoot him or you can throw a fire ball over him to make him sweat or you can punch him at his face with a boxing hand or you can tickle him with a feather by rubbing over his belly. You have option to change Sack dude’s face to make him cheer up or to change his face reactions during your teases.

This hilarious game is now free to download from iTunes app store for a limited period of time. This game is designed to be compatible with all IOS devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This game works without any issues on IOS 3.0 and above.  The only drawback I have observed with this game is you will get tired of playing this game with the limited number of weapons. If Firezoo comes up with more updates on the weapons then this game will be more interesting and will attract more people.

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