Save Data Usage and Save Money with OFF Line AirTalk

by Jul 4, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : OFF Line
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Our generation loves to be in touch with friends and families through several social networking sites. We share every sort of information through these social platforms. While internet brings people closer from various parts of the world, having no internet connection means no connection with the world at all. There is one app on iTunes that does not need internet connection for chatting when the person is in 100 meters range. The app is called AirTalk and it has already become popular.


AirTalk is a new social networking app particularly designed for Apple devices and can be bought and installed by opening iTunes. It is the easiest way to communicate with people in close proximity. With this app you are even allowed to get connected with people you never met. AirTalk is not only keeping you updated about the whereabouts of your friends but also some strangers who can be your friends in near future.


To start with AirTalk, you do not need an internet or cellular connection. You just need to turn on your device’s Bluetooth plus Wi-Fi and you are ready to go. After that you have to sign in through the account you created in AirTalk. Once you sign in, you can share your message or read messages of other AirTalk users who are within 100 meter radius.

AirTalk can be used as a professional communication tool to share thoughts and ideas among the employees of a particular workplace. This kind of application can play a vital role in modern day business and sales job. User can also use this platform to secure his/her personal safety if they land themselves in an unknown place.


This application is very useful is saving lots of money that you spend on your data connection. You have to invest very little to download this app and it is a one-time investment. If you are a travel-enthusiast and find yourself in internet-void areas frequently then AirTalk can rescue you from this difficult phase particularly for communication. You can ask for help from other AirTalk users present in the locality and you stand a better chance to get an answer.

AirTalk comes with an Integrated Profile Build option to customize your profile the way you want to portray. You can also share your messages with your Twitter followers along with AirTalk local users. New AirTalk 0.9.5 version allows you to transfer your ID between compatible devices. It is more sophisticated in nature than its predecessors to offer improved performance and bug fixing.

Latest AirTalk 0.9.5 version takes about 11.5 MB space of your device memory and it calls for iOS 7 or higher operating platform for smooth functioning. To break the barrier of language, this app offers numerous language options like English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Hebrew and many more. You can enjoy AirTalk with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Good: This app is very useful in building a strong relationship with your friends, neighbors, colleagues or even with complete strangers.

Bad: Constant GPS running in the background can significantly decrease the battery life of your device.

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