Scenic App: Perfect For Route Planning and Navigation

by Aug 3, 20160 comments

Genre : Navigation
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Guido van Eijsden
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, quality
Negatives : none

It has always been fun and exciting when riding a motorcycle on clear roads or winding path at a great speed. Sometimes, the paths make require proper navigation in order to reach the ultimate destination faster and safe. This is due to the fact that some paths may be so undulated to the point that it may require one to seek for guidance. There is no need to worry now. Scenic app has come up with an amazing navigation plan that will highly assist motorcyclists who are heading for a tour or just exploring the beautiful natural scenery. The user of this great app can actually create, document, import, register and even navigate across different routes. With these amazing features Scenic app is absolutely incomparable!


How the Scenic app operates

Apparently, this great app is purposely designed for those riding a motorcycle though it can also work best for those with cars or bicycles. With Scenic app, the user is able to develop and transform a GPX route to become a navigable one; it goes ahead to indicate different turns present together with the voice feature present. Interestingly, there are 21 languages that have been integrated to support the voice navigation feature. However, the app is currently available in both Dutch and English languages.

Compatible Devices for Scenic app

This classical app has proven to possess great capabilities that make it absolutely exceptional. Thus, the user needs to ensure that the device required for this app can perfectly perform the operations of this great app. Some of the suitable devices recommended include iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. In relation to the operating system, the compatible one should be iOS 9.3 or any latest version available.

Below are the amazing features that the user will discover from the Scenic app:

Import or export routes to GPX

Scenic app allows the user to import different routes or tracks where they can be transformed into navigation route. This can be of great help especially if one is touring an unknown region. Besides, the user can create different routes and tracks personally and later export them to the GPX.


Develop routes from scratch

In some cases, one can prefer to create different routes due to the knowledge and experience gained from a particular surrounding. Scenic app perfectly support and facilitate an individual into creating different routes and tracks that stretch differently in relation to their location points.

Offline maps present

Clearly, maps play a critical role especially when it comes to navigating across different locations. They actually provide guidance thus assisting an individual in tracking different routes. Scenic app has integrated offline maps that the user can use to facilitate creation of navigation routes. Besides, there are multiple maps that the user can choose from.

Efficient voice navigation feature

The user will discover that this amazing voice navigation helps the user to keep on track by constantly providing directions. Apparently, this great app has currently integrated about 21 different languages to assist in voice navigation.


Multifunction feature of Scenic app on devices

Interestingly, this awesome app can be integrated perfectly on different devices such as iPad and iPhone. The user can opt to use one device to facilitate route planning whereas the other can be used for navigation.

Trip tracker and recorder

As one commences a trip, the app is able to perfectly track the route that is being followed. It goes ahead to record the route that is being followed thus making it easy to get the entire navigation route. Other components that can be captured include photos and speed profiles. Due to the presence of the social site icon, the user can share experiences on different trips with friends.

New Features? 

There are a number of new features that have been introduced into this great app. They include introduction of the Dutch language, slight usability improvement, export feature to GPX and voice navigation. They are meant to enhance the overall performance of the app.

Here are the Pros and Cons identified from this incredible app:


· Great fun and captivating while using it

· The support center is highly effective

· The approach used by the app is user-friendly and intuitive

· Most of its ideas and formulations are completely unique

· Easy to use and operate


· No maps within the app

· Some navigation routes are hard to understand; a user manual can help!


In summary, it is apparent that Scenic app has exhibited exceptional performance when it comes to establishing navigation routes in a unique manner. With the aid of its high quality features such as efficient user interface, multiple map, voice navigation among others, this app has truly exceeded customers’ expectations and left them with great fascination. Clearly, it is worth recommendable for download. Why not get it for free today at App Store? Let’s get started for a fantastic motorcycle adventure!

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