Schedulehead – Let it Schedule for Your !

by Mar 4, 20140 comments

Genre : Office
Platform : Web
Rating : 4.5
Positives : intuitive UI; automatic scheduling
Negatives : none


While it’s difficult to take care of yourself, what’s worse is when you’re looking out for someone else. Though little children can be a big headache, at least they are not big enough to go against you and they understand the language of love. But in case of the adults, no strategy is leak-proof. In case of company managers, they overlook dozens of workers who are all different in all respects. Everyone is working for his/her own self and no one cares about the company. So it’s your job to make sure that the company never gets any loss because of them. You have to keep the company’s priorities above any of their personal ones and still try to keep the bonding between you and them as strong as possible. Of course, it will be too helpful if someone else takes care of the scheduling of all of them so that you can keep track of the rest. We have a helping hand then!

Schedulehead ( is a scheduling web app that is more like a personal assistant to you. You might have used many other scheduling apps but this one is totally different from it. How? Let me tell you.

All other apps require you to schedule everything and they are helpful only in creation of those schedules and then sending them to your employees. However, with Schedulehead you just have to introduce your staff to it and it will take care of the rest. In case some employees take off on a short notice and you fall short of staff, Schedulehead will make sure that you don’t. It will ask all the remaining employees if they can attend the shift and that too starting from the employees who are rated the best. Yes, it rates your employees so that you can appraise and appreciate your employees for their performance.

Also, Schedulehead schedules each shift such as there is a balance of newcomers and experienced employees in each of them. All this is done with the help of the information you fill in about your employees at the start. All you have to do is just enter the following details: name, phone number and skills. Skills are the main ingredient as they define whether he/she is a newcomer or experienced and therefore help the app decide when scheduling.

Overall, I think Schedulehead is a very useful app. The interface is very intuitive whether it’s about creating shifts or adding a new employee to the list and the overall experience was very good. The automatic scheduling is something that’s new and very useful as you no more have to regulate the app. It automatically does everything.

Pros: intuitive UI; automatic scheduling; fully customizable; free for first 60 days.

Cons: none.

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