Score : Find Your Partner Now !

by Jan 29, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Apptigo Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, best dating formula
Negatives : none

Technological advancement has enhanced the way people operate and relate nowadays. For example, it has improved communication and sharing of information between friends and family members through social media platforms and other devices. Through such platforms, one is able to share information and photos with people who are so many miles away. Just as we thought that was the end and height of technology, we are presented with another amazing feature- the score-match application that can be installed in iPhones. This application is a must have to those people who are fond of dating sites.


There have been many dating sites and apps for the past years. None of these applications has hit the mark as far as changing the experience of the user is concerned. What we see every month is just a replica of the previous month’s dating app. However, the introduction of the score-match app has changed the whole perception of dating apps. This new release has taken quite a different angle with respect to dating mobile applications. It features an interactive user friendly dating game that gives users the chance to establish their perfect match by way of providing answers to engaging and entertaining list of queries.


This dating application comes with a personal appeal. Its features are designed in a way that you can how your individual personalities match with those of others just by engaging yourself to answer given questions. As such, the score- match app in your iphone is just the right game of compatibility. Perhaps you are worrying about how you can go about with the sign up process.


With score-match app, you are only required to sign up using a Facebook account. For this reason, a Facebook account s one of the things that you require to get started with Score. Once you sign up, upload a few pictures of you, three are preferred. In addition, add a few details about you, and then you can start the dating game. You will discover that the names and of your potential matches are hidden while their images appear blurred in the initial stages. However, the basic information about them and their interests are public. As such, you can analyze their likes and interests to ascertain whether they match your style.

Once you indicate your preferred domain, you are provided with a list of five questions that you are required to answer. Remember that the answers you give ought to be in line with one’s personality as well as mindset. At least, Score for this aspect is far much different from other dating apps that nag you with questions that do not add value to your mobile dating. If your answers match those of the other party, you will be allowed to access their names and profile picture. Evidently, the use of Score-match iphone app is simple and adopts a meaning approach to a long-lasting match that is not founded on explosive few chats. It is important to note that with Score, privacy is taken very seriously.

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