Send Secretive Photos without Any Worries with Flash

by Dec 28, 20190 comments

Platform : iPhone
Developer :
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, easy to use
Negatives :

The Play Store and the App Store come with so many apps that help you communicate with your friends and family without any hassles. But, the point is, do the photos you send to them stay private? There are so many instances where we worry about third parties hacking our photos and videos and using it for some other mischievous practices. An app that allows you to not worry about your confidential photos and videos is Flash.

Yes, Released by Flash App LLC, the app belongs to the ‘Social Networking’ category and is available on both the App Store and the Play Store. It lets you to share photos across with your friends and family. You can make timed photos and videos that are self destructive. Flash has many options to add more fun to your chats and calls. It is completely free for download and will be useful for all sorts of people.

This is one stupendous app and is perfect for sharing photos and videos with your kith and kin. You have so many options to choose from on how to interact with your friends. You can take a snap just like that or go back in time, choose one and add text, filters, emojis, stickers and other effects to transform the images the way you desire. The app has a perfect call handling system using which you can either accept or reject a call or begin a group chat with your friends.

Using this, you can say goodbye to the boring caller id pics as you can send your own photos to them when you call. In this new caller ID, you can add a text and convey a message before the person picks your call. This feature is something that is very notable about this app as it gives the other person a reason to answer your call and they know the urgency of your call in case of any.

The messenger option allows you to start a chat, add groups and continue messaging with more exciting elements. Using Flash, you can also send secretive photos and videos to anyone at anytime restricting it to a certain time period. You can set the timer to those media so that they get auto-deleted in a few seconds, minutes or hours.

With this app, you can view your previous flash photos, make calls from flash to your friends, and see what they have flashed and what flashes you sent to them. To access the secure, protected and hidden flash photos on your phone you must enter the passcode. This ensures that anyone else using your phone may not be able to see those private pics. There are also custom options that let you to choose like when and how you want to send the flash.

Get Flash today and share pics with your friends and family this instant. It is for sure a different experience of making and attending calls. Flash relieves you from any worries of hackers compromising your media and ensures that your private photos are always private.

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