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Platform : Android
Developer : Shazzle LLC
Rating : 4.5
Positives : UI, easy to use, concept
Negatives : none

Why do we need so many different messaging apps in our mobile phones? We have Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Hangouts, Duo, Telegram, Viber, and many more other apps. They all are social media apps which help you to connect with people. All of them serve the same purpose and do one thing. So why do we install them all and create accounts. The reason being they require the same platform to send messages and the other person might not have installed that app. So he will reply only on that app which you both have installed. Some contacts are on whatsapp while some are on Facebook, etc. Everyone may not have the same app. So you need them all at different times to be compatible with your contacts.

However, we end up in a messaging mess, with an endless array of apps in our phone just to send a simple text message to someone! It doesn’t matter how many apps you are using, the only thing that matters is privacy! Are they safe for you, can you trust them about your messages? You may never know about it! Someone may be keeping an eye on you or snooping around you always!

Today, I will introduce to you an amazing app called Shazzle Chat‘.  There are so many apps which ask you to trust them for the messages you send. They say that they delete your messages once delivered and don’t store them. But, it’s not correct. If they get your message, it’s their choice to delete or store. But ShazzleChat never does that. It neither stores your messages nor receives them, so there is no chance of deleting it. It doesn’t want to trust them. Because Trust is not a fundamental freedom, but privacy is! Privacy should not have a price so the app is available for free to use.

With ShazzleChat, you can create your own privacy network by just installing the app on your device. Then you need to simply SignUp and enter the SMS verification email. Further, you can invite a friend or a family member to join the network and add more friends or family members via ” Invite contacts” or create a personal group with your friends and family. When privacy matters to you and your family, when you want to express yourself with ramifications, when a job could be affected by a social life, when you don’t want any interference in your personal life, then you definitely need ShazzleChat.

The app uses awesome technology and enhance the power of peer-to-peer connectivity which allows private Internet communications safe from the centralized authority intrinsic to the Client/Server architecture of the web. It allows users to serve content directly from their Smartphone and connected devices. The app offers a decentralized platform in which each Smartphone becomes a user’s private network, which ultimately reduces man in the middle device at rest and aggregate server security breaches. Therefore, no centralised record of the contents of the communication is ever created. Instead the user is in total control of their privacy with no need to trust anyone other than the recipient and all without the limits on file size or content.

So I would say that ShazzleChat is a must have for those who are looking for a better platform for messaging with true privacy as well. I will recommend it to you. Just go for it now!

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