Shoply-A smart way to Shop with Your iPhone

by Jan 19, 20150 comments

Genre : Catalogs
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Shoply Labs LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : Reminders, shopping simplified, coupons
Negatives : none

Modern day shopping is about getting the best deals. Multiple apps have been advance to help you get the best discounts from different retailers. Unfortunately, in getting the best deals, one was expected to install quite a number of application. Gone are those days! With an iPhone, Shoply is an iPhone app transforms your shopping schedule and makes it more organized. Its intuitive nature allows it to identify your shopping preferences and curates your results from most retail shops.


With Shoply, it is all about the engagement and experience that comes with using the app. These app features technologies like geo-location targeting, machine learning and algorithms that ensure you only the results you are looking for. As a saving app, it grants you an opportunity to save a significant amount of your hard-earned cash from unbeatable deals. Install it now and get hand-curated discounts, online coupon codes and in store sales.


Gives you relevant features: Besides its locational features that narrows down your scope into a specific location. This app allows you to pick your favourite stores so that you can have your search results confined to those shops you prefer only. Concisely, it helps you found coupon codes and deals that are relevant to you and your preferences.

Gathers all trendy deals available just for you: Shoply’s content curators get the best and most appropriate deals from your favourite retail outlets. From this list, you can then choose the ones that interest you and leave the rest for other customers to enjoy.

Helpful Reminders: A good coupon code is somewhat are to find. With one, you cannot afford to miss that discounted offer. To ensure that this unfortunate incident does not occur, Shoply in built notifications are tailored to notify you when your favourite coupon codes and deals are about to expire.

Seamless checkout: This app automatically creates a checkout pouch tailored to meet your individual preferences. This checkout saves you from the labour and cost associated with printing this coupon code. With it, you are only required to present it to the cashier and get your discount.


Shopping and savings simplified: With this app, iPhone uses are able to snap and save their paper coupon deals along with your starred searches. To add onto its convenience, this app beefs up you convenience when shopping due to its paperless nature. With it, there is no chance of missing a deal due to your forgetfulness.

This app features an incentive program that allows you to earn reward points from your transactions. With these points, you can then redeem them from selected retail outlets like Starbucks Macy’s and many others.

This app introduces a new dimension in modern day shopping. With this app, you do not need to move from one retailer to the other looking for discounted rates. Getting the best deals is just a fingertip away. The simplified and sleek user interphase makes this app perfect for anyone. From its feature rich list, this app is definitely worth a tray. Download Shoply into your iPhone today and share the joy!

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