Shrick – The Finest Sports App

by Aug 3, 20150 comments

Genre : Sports
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Shrick Ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use, concept
Negatives : none

When it comes to mobile apps, computing and technology the competition for the best mobile app is fierce. Each day a new app emerges and with it a new category of people to please. And within a matter of time another power app comes along with even more superior qualities to swoop the masses. As for the sports app Shrick, it has managed to revolutionize the sporting world with its unique feature and action sports.

Shrick is a social network for every sport daredevil out there. It has managed to unite its virtual community of sport lovers into a quiet exciting circle and made their relations even more fun, especially for the action sports riders and adventurous lot.

The sports app has endless features that enable you to edit and share your sports tricks with your virtual online sport community. Its leaderboard system also brings a thrilling competition experience at the palm of your hand. It is really an exciting app to have. Besides you also get to earn points for each of your posts and also get to challenge your friends and pro-riders in the leaderboards.

This app is full of amazing and unique feature that are bound to make your sporting events worth the while, after all you will get to share them with whomever. You also get to challenge the world of sport lovers and compete with them. The competition is not so much a joke as you also get to see your ranking in your city and countrywide leaderboards.

As for the photos and videos that you take as a sports lover, you can always polish them with powerful editing tools like slow motion or fish-eye. Sports photos can be tricky so are the videos as you are always in action but with these powerful editing tools you are unlikely to go wrong anywhere.

As for following and unfollowing, I think we are getting used to that with so many apps. But with this Shrick sports app you can always follow your dreams and make them somewhat a reality by subscribing to as many pro-riders that you fancy and admire. There is simply no limit to this app. Consequently you can also watch world epic failures, check out the gear others are using and share your sport lifestyle. In essence it has a lot to offer then tricks and success of other sports lovers.

When it comes to sports that this app supports, the list is endless and unique but Disabled Wake and Disabled Waterski, Longboard, Snowmobile, Wheelchair Skating and Windsurfing are some of them. And with its new version 1.1 users get to delete their posts whenever. It also has improvements in the performance department. Likewise it has added @name tags auto-complete. Moreover, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires the use of OS7.1 or later. This sport app is also optimized for iPhone 5. Thus anyone who loves action sports will probably enjoy this app.

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