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Skillestial is a platform that connects you with mentees both online and offline. One-on-one interactions, pre- and post-session follow-ups, session booking, and session management are all available. Skillestial wants to be a leader in the next generation of knowledge management: personalized and targeted mentorship based on individual knowledge requirements. That specific firsthand guidance allows people to unblock themselves and cruise to the next level.

Find a Mentor         

  • Find the right Mentor for you by searching by Skills, Category, Title, or Topics of Interest.

Schedule a Session

  • Schedule a session with your Mentor whenever it is convenient for you.

Have a live one-on-one meeting

  • Connect with your Mentor using the interactive tools on our platform.

Skillestial Service Provisions

It’s incredible to consider all the possible paths a mentor can take to help you achieve your desired success.

  • Resume Evaluation and Feedback
  • Professional Project Evaluation and Assistance
  • Interview Preparation & Strategies
  • Exam/Test Preparation
  • Career Path Guidance
  • Academic Project Review & Assistance

Resume Evaluation and Feedback

Employers typically spend less than a minute reviewing your resume. Unfortunately, that is your only chance to make a good first impression. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what employers value and look for in their next hire?

It’s self-evident that an industry veteran with the right knowledge can lead you to success. Our industry-experienced mentors will review your resume with you and make recommendations that reflect your skill set and experience to attract the right attention.

Professional Project Evaluation and Assistance

You could be working on an MVP, the architecture of a product, or anything else important at work; it’s a good idea to enlist the assistance of a professional to fine-tune your steps and optimize the outcome. An industry expert would meet with you to review your work and make recommendations to get you to the finish line. In addition, you gain more confidence in your deliverable and valuable knowledge about various approaches you may use. You are completing your project while growing professionally with the proper guidance and networks.

How to Identify Your Right Mentor?

Skillestial platform is designed with options that allow mentees to find suitable Mentors on their own.

To begin, browse our Mentor search listings by going to the Find A Mentor menu, reviewing their profile, and scheduling a session with the Mentor.

Alternatively, you can use our platform’s Chat with your Mentor feature to learn more about the Mentor.


Skillestial is an integrated and interactive platform that allows you to connect one-on-one with professionals from various fields and access their advice and experience to help you achieve your career goals. We are a collaborative community of high-quality professionals sharing knowledge gained through professional experiences.

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