Slotomania HD- Slot Machine Game for iPad

by May 15, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad
Developer : Playtika LTD
Rating : 4
Positives :
Negatives :


Sloto Mania is a slot machine game for the iPad. If you ever played the slot machine game in the arcade or casino, this game is the same experience you going to get. I played a few rounds of this game on my iPad. I kept getting an error message saying that connection has been lost and the icons in the Onyx Room are not loaded. This spoils the gaming experience for me as a gamer. When I want to purchase additional credits, the game told me the connection has been lost too. I felt puzzled as I did not enable Facebook Connect for this game when I tried to play a solo game.

However, the game has cute graphics like cartoon cows and lovely music. I am able to play Farm Fortune for a while but when I tried to tap on Maximum Lines with 9 lines, the game spins to infinite loop. If you press on ‘Pay Table’ button, you can see how the bonus points are calculated in this game. If you play the game as a casual gamer, you just need to press the “Spin!” button. The game has no problems with that. Once in a while, you can hear animal sounds in the game if your line wins in the slot machine game.

Every 5 plays, I will win once in the game. The gameplay is casual. If you like slot machine games, you can give it a try as the game is free for download on iTunes App Store. If you got “Scatter” in 3 objects in your line, you will get free 5 spins in the game. If you get “Bonus” in 3 objects, you get to play the mini game – beat the mole. Once you achieve the full meter in the first level – Farm Fortune, you can unlock the next level. Each room has 8 levels.

There are four rooms in total but there are two missing levels in the fourth room. So, in total, this game has thirty levels for you to play with. It has funny childhood music in this game. But the frequent “connection has been lost” message is a turn off. I hope the developer fix this issue in the next update.

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