Smart Search & Web Browser – Review

by Mar 23, 20170 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating :
Positives : Concept
Negatives : None

SmartSearch app is an easy and fast mobile browser for search as well as surfing Web to help you to find information via search engines and various services. Smart Search app is more convenient compared to other browsers such as Firefox, Opera, or even Chrome. This makes it one of those apps that you can use to find information over the internet.


Here is an overview of the SmartSearch app:


SmartSearch app works well since it has a rapid launch that makes it one of the best apps to use during your search. It has rich-featured search box at the same time the ability of doing quick search in many other services (Bing, Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon Images, Facebook, eBay, Translate, and even Wikipedia). Since it has color design themes, you will always be contented with the results whenever you use it.

User Experience

SmartSearch app has many advanced features for effective sharing of content and browsing when looking for information. In addition, when using it, you will limit ads on your websites while loading them faster. When using it, you will have rapid access to start when entering search query with an autocomplete feature while typing. One is able to do fast switching search services that makes it unique. When browsing, you will create a collection of shortcuts of the popular websites includes sports, news, and social networks while managing your Bookmarks list.

User Interface

The application of SmartSearch app has a full screen mode for excellent viewing content as well as fast search on the page. The app has a smart visual history for a fast access to all recent visited websites. The app has an integrated readability function capable of transforming large articles to convenient view for easy reading. The Interactive page has various Widgets with Search Trends, Inspiring Quotes, and App of The Week among others.

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