Smartest Access to Recover the Lost Data – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

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When your precious goods and valuables are stored in multiple locations, you got to be extra cautious for their security. This concern naturally is panicking and you are compelled to get surplus resources for preventing those valuables from spying eyes or falling into spurious hands. Databases are no less than a precious property these days because of their widespread significance in business and in individuals’ lives. Moreover, owing to the fact that your data has many faces and it is also stored in multiple locations – right from a memory card to hard drive, USB drive to mobile phone, and more, your concern for data safety increases by manifolds.

From that standpoint, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is an incredible aid to resolve all issues pertaining to data loss. Many amazing advantages have been bundled up in this software and hence this is a versatile product for everyone who has data or content in any form, be it music files, videos, documents, etc. Among the many attributes of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, most noteworthy ones are its ability to recover files which got lost because of hardware formatting, software crash, files deletion, etc, GPT recovery, recycle bin recovery and prevention from virus attacks.


GPT Recovery:

GPT is GUID Partition Table which provides a conciliatory arrangement and divides disks in a smarter way. A unique facet about GPT disks is that they can be expanded to an astounding size and there is no limit to the number of partitions on it. However, this evidently means that recovery, when data is lost on GPT, is far more challenging than usual, and so it calls for a specialized arrangement.

EaseUS free data recovery software proves handy in GPT recovery. It successfully recuperates the data lost as a result of system crash, computer format, virus or malware assault, or other reasons. Process of GPT recovery is very simple and this can be acquired in three easy steps. These steps focus on multiple aspects of recovery:

  •  Incorporating Complete Recovery so as to recover the jpg files loss because of software files which get deleted due to crash, virus or formatting.
  •  Partition Recovery, when the files go missing or harm because of partition damage.
  •  Deleted File Recovery to bring back the erased data or files.


Recycle Bin Recovery:

All of us know that every time we delete a file, it straightaway goes to the Recycled Bin. These deleted files stay there in the recycled bin and they can be recovered with a simple right click, using “Restore” option. However, a big question you must have often faced is – how to recover files which you have even deleted from recycled bin? Well, the answer to recycle bin recovery is EaseUS free data recovery software!

The futuristic tool goes on to show you all the files which you deleted even before you bought this software. It’s a three step process of recycle bin recovery and be completed even by a layman.

In short, EaseUS free data recovery software is an enormous utility for professional as well as personal use. There cannot be a safer access to data recovery and security at this time!